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Welcome back, Boils & Ghouls !!

It's hard to believe that there's now just one more day to go in the Countdown To Hallowe'en 2013... and that tomorrow will be the very last post in my month-long blogathon, "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku", which finally comes to an end on October 31st. Is it just me? Or, has the time really flown by since I started this series of posts?! Speaking of which, if you happen to have missed the previous instalments, from earlier in the month, this whole thing began with details of a Hallowe'en ScreamSaver, complete with it's own spooky soundtrack, followed by a Roku channel dedicated to Vintage Horror Classics, then some Hallowe'en "How-To" videos, a Roku channel for fans of the paranormal and then another for devotees of independent horror. After that came a channel dedicated to the open discussion of UFO's and UFO-related activities plus a further selection of Cult Films, Sci-Fi Classics & Vintage Horror. Since then, we've provided details of a Roku channel brimming with creepy cocktail suggestions, another with more classic Hallowe'en movie choices, and then details of a Roku channel that mixes paranormal reality tv shows with powerful documentaries, mysteries, conspiracy theories, UFO's and plenty else besides. The next two instalments saw yet more Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy movies on one channel plus some Hallowe'en / Horror-themed music, courtesy of a Roku radio channel, on another. We then brought you details of a live-streaming horror channel, to add yet another dynamic to the Hallowe'en entertainment on your Roku players plus some close encounters of the third kind, courtesy of a Roku channel dedicated to the subject of aliens and UFO's. Add to that two more Roku channels bringing fresh selections of Sci-Fi & Horror Movies plus more "Halloween Horror" films, then another channel with a bunch of J-Horror, K-Horror and every other kind of Asian horror that you can imagine. Then throw in yet another helping of vintage horror movies, together with a whole host of Hallowe'en recipes to add to the macabre menu for your spooktacular soirée. Add to that a side-order of indie underground horror seasoned with a dash of the weird & paranormal, plus more hard-to-find horror movies & TV series, and then throw in a little zombie action, some slashers & killers, as well as a few more "Films of the Undead" & some ghost stories courtesy of Nowhereman's client for Roku, not forgetting the 100+ sci-fi, horror & fantasy films and the 120+ public domain horror & sci-fi flicks we've posted details of, over the last couple of days, and you're well on your way to having the best Hallowe'en ever, with everything that's been covered (so far) in this series !!

Meanwhile, here we are on the day before Hallowe'en and, there's still tons more horror-themed movies to tell you about which can be easily streamed via your Roku(s). So... where do we go from here ?!! Well, sticking to our ethos that you can never really have too much choice in terms of movie(s) to watch over the Hallowe'en season, we figured the more classic/retro horror, sci-fi and cult movies we can bring you, then so much the better. With that in mind, we have continued to search through all of the available channels on Roku player and managed to (once more) come up trumps... with a channel that offers a huge selection of classic/retro horror, sci-fi, cult, crime and film-noir movies & tv shows (plus plenty more besides) to enhance your Hallowe'en viewing choices still further. Suffice it to say that, if you're partial to watching classic/retro horror, sci-fi, cult, crime and film-noir movies, with no limit to the number of films that can be streamed from the choice available, then you'll definitely want to add this to your channel selection for the ultimate creepy classics streaming experience throughout the remainder of this Hallowe'en season and beyond !!

It probably comes as no surprise, that this movie-based Roku channel can be found in the "Film & TV" genre (i.e. category) of the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store (or, alternatively, "Movies & TV", for Roku owners in the USA). Generally speaking, the 'Creepster.TV' channel offers unlimited instant streaming of classic films... with an assortment of horror, sci-fi, cult, crime, mystery, thriller and film-noir movies, including titles that even Netflix doesn't stream online !! With the built-in ability to search for films across multiple movie genres (i.e. categories) as well as the facility to browse Creepster.TV's hand-picked collections of creepy movies, plus the titles they think "you just gotta see" filed under "Featured Films", and (not forgetting) the extremely handy "New Additions" category, where you can easily find the most recently added movies to the 'Creepster.TV' collection... all of which means you'll never be hard-pushed to find something that suits your taste. The cost for all this is a mere $4.99 PER MONTH for UNLIMITED STREAMING (watch as much as you want, as often as you like) with the option to CANCEL AT ANY TIME (no questions, no hassles). Perhaps best of all, though, is that you can (currently) take advantage of a ONE-MONTH FREE TRIAL when you signup for a Creepster.TV Account. That means, you HAVE FULL ACCESS FOR FREE for an entire month from Hallowe'en through Thanksgiving (or whenever you choose to start your membership) in which you can stream anything that you like without having to pay a penny for all those great horror, sci-fi, cult, crime, mystery, thriller and film-noir movies (not forgetting all the other great content) included with the 'Creepster.TV' channel on Roku.

Obviously, having the facility to browse by genre or collection in the main menu of the 'Creepster.TV' channel means that it should be fairly easy to find what you want, although not all of the included content is relevant to this post. I will provide a breakdown as to the number of titles available in each of the genres and collections, including the more loosely relevant ones BUT, for now, I'm only going to publish complete listings, including IMDB links (where available), for the selections to be found under "Featured Films" & "New Additions" from the main menu of the 'Creepster.TV' channel:-

Featured Films (36 Titles)

New Additions (13 Titles)

Looking firstly at the "Featured Films", my own PICK OF THE BUNCH, if a bit obvious to all of the true horror fans out there, WOULD HAVE TO BE... "Kill, Baby... Kill!" (1966) directed by Mario Bava, closely followed by Georges Franju's "Judex" (1963) and, for a bellyful of laughs,  "Carry On Screaming" (1966), directed by Gerald Thomas. Other than that, I'd also recommend Roy William Neill's "Sherlock Holmes: Terror By Night" (1946), starring Basil Rathbone (still my favourite Holmes) plus "The Night Child" (1975), directed by Massimo Dallamano, and "Blood Demon", also known as "The Torture Chamber Of Dr. Sadism", which was directed by Harald Reini and released in 1967. As in previous posts from this series, I've neglected to repeat any of my previous recommendations... some of which I would rate higher than those mentioned here. It's up to you to look back over this blogathon and decide which ones you'd like to watch for yourself from those that I made special mention of. On the other end of the scale, ONE'S TO AVOID ARE... most certainly the likes of Alfonso Brescia's "The War Of The Robots" (1978) and "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" (1966) directed by William Beaudine, as well as the 1936 film "Revolt Of The Zombies" by Victor Halperin. Other howlers that could probably do with a miss are "Attack Of The Giant Leeches" (1959) by Bernard L. Kowalski, and Robert Vincent O'Neill's "Blood Mania" (1970). If you'd like other recommendations from this list, just leave a comment and I'll suggest a few more for you to watch, or to avoid (if you prefer).

Moving on to the "New Additions", and (again) ignoring those titles that I've already mentioned in other posts from this series, my PICK OF THE BUNCH here WOULD BE the classic witch-hunt story, "Day Of Wrath" (1943), directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, closely followed by the Mexican gothic masterpiece, "The Curse Of The Crying Woman" (1963), directed by Rafael Baledõn, in which a young woman inherits a mansion, only to discover that it is haunted by witches and evil spirits. After that, would be "Web Of The Spider" (1971), directed by Antonio Margheriti. Also worthy of a mention is Steve Sekely's jungle action-adventure, "Blonde Savage" from 1947. On the flip side of the coin, THE ONE'S TO AVOID ARE... the likes of "The Beach Girls And The Monster"(1965), directed by Jon Hall, and Sisworo Gautama Putra's "Primitives" from 1980. Still, love them or loathe them, this mix of creepy classics will ensure that you have plenty of ways to pass the time between my daily doses of Roku-related Hallowe'en horror in "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku" and, at the same time, satisfy your appetite for more creepy content in the build-up to Hallowe'en !!

Of course, if you're still stuck for ideas, the 'Creepster.TV' channel does (as I mentioned earlier) offer the facility to browse by both genre and collection. Due to the time constraints of publishing one post every day throughout this month, I simply cannot go into the same level of detail for every genre and collection that is available on the 'Creepster.TV' channel. However, as promised, I am going to provide you with a general overview of the number of titles that can (currently) be found within each of them. Granted, not all will be relevant for Hallowe'en viewing and some of the titles will be repeated across multiple genres but, that said, you will find some rare gems in there, if you are willing to put in the effort and research what you find. Please bear in mind that the 'Creepster.TV' channel updates it's offerings on a fairly regular basis, so it is worth keeping a close eye on the "New Additions" for the latest tiles to be featured among the multitude of creepy classics available on 'Creepster.TV'. Anyway, without further ado, here is a quick look at the number of titles in each category:-

Browse By Genre

  • Horror - 264 Titles
  • Science Fiction - 111 Titles
  • Crime - 200 Titles
  • Film Noir - 34 Titles
  • Fantasy - 23 Titles
  • Comedy - 42 Titles
  • Drama - 186 Titles
  • Thriller - 134 Titles
  • Action - 62 Titles
  • Adventure - 73 Titles
  • Mystery - 167 Titles
  • Romance - 34 Titles
  • War - 7 Titles
  • Documentaries - 2 Titles
  • Television - 19 Titles
  • Family - 4 Titles

Browse By Collection

    • Cult Classics - Creepy, but much-beloved classics - 25 Titles
    • Vampire Flicks - Films that will suck (your blood) - 16 Titles
    • Zombies For Days - Dead guys that'll scare the life out of you - 21 Titles
    • Werewolves - Man... into... wolf tales - 6 Titles
    • Witches - Films that put a spell on you - 11 Titles
    • Ghosts - Films that will haunt you - 17 Titles
    • Brains! Brains! Brains! - It's a terrible thing to waste - 6 Titles
    • Mad Scientists - Films with a good (or bad) Doctor - 45 Titles
    • Exploitation - The sleaziest of our creepy collection - 7 Titles
    • Blacksploitation - A campy sub genre that featured black themes - 2 Titles
    • Nazisploitation - Our collection of creepy Nazi films - 8 Titles
    • Creep In The Jungle - Meet savages & animals in exotic jungle locales - 13 Titles
    • Creepy Brit - Our collection of creepy British films - 68 Titles
    • Moto Creepo! - Our collection of creepy Italian films - 86 Titles
    • Le Creep - Our collection of creepy French films - 42 Titles
    • Creepo Grande - Our collection of creepy films from Spain & Latin America - 44 Titles
    • Mein Kreep - Our collection of creepy German films - 59 Titles
    • Down Under - Our collection of creepy films from Australia & New Zealand - 2 Titles
    • Creepy, Eh? - Our collection of creepy Canadian films - 9 Titles
    • Me So Cleepy - Our collection of creepy Asian & Asian-American films - 18 Titles
    • Films Made Before 1930 - 17 Titles
    • Films Of The 1930's - 97 Titles
    • Films Of The 1940's - 81 Titles
    • Films Of The 1950's - 98 Titles
    • Films Of The 1960's - 147 Titles
    • Films Of The 1970's - 119 Titles
    • Films Made After 1980 - 44 Titles
    • Ultra Campy - So bad, they're good! - 9 Titles
    • Before Famous - Films from before their actors were stars - 5 Titles
    • Juvenile Delinquents - Hot Rods & Hoods; youth in trouble - 10 Titles
    • The Spy Who Spies - Errrr... Spies (duh) and espionage - 21 Titles

    In addition to browsing by genre and collection, there is also a dedicated 'Search' function which can (again) be accessed via the main menu of the 'Creepster.TV' channel. As always, when searching for things via your Roku menu(s) we recommend that, rather than use the onscreen keyboard via your original Roku remote, instead you enter the required text USING THE FREE ROKU REMOTE APP for either iOS (if you have an Apple mobile device) or Android, since the keyboard for touch-screen mobile devices are (generally) far easier to use than the directional buttons on a remote control when it comes to typing. If you have yet to install the Roku app on your mobile device, you can download them easily by using the relevant link(s) below:-

    If you have an Apple mobile device (running iOS 4.3 or later)...

    Or, for those of you with Android mobile devices (running Android 2.1 and up)...

    Even if you don't intend using the app(s) with this particular channel, I would urge you to go ahead and download them anyway because of the increased functionality they offer over the original Roku remote(s). You could also find that the app makes using your Roku streaming media player a far easier (yes, that is possible) and, not to mention, all together more enjoyable experience, too !!

    Speaking of apps... there is also a dedicated 'Creepster.TV' application for Android and you can also watch via iPad or iPhone by using a browser (e.g. Safari) and stream to an Apple TV... not forgetting that in addition to those, and (of course) your Roku player, you can also watch the 'Creepster.TV' channel on Google TV or Boxee as well as via Mac, PC or Linux. Anyone wanting to install the 'Creepster.TV' app for Android, can download it using the relevant link below:-

    Provided that you have an Android mobile device (running Android 2.2 and up)...

    DOWNLOAD FREE: Creepster.TV App (from Google Play Store)

    Other useful features of the 'Creepster.TV' channel are the "Recently Watched" and "Save List" categories where you can easily find which films you've already seen, as well as those films which you have bookmarked for future viewing. There's even a handy "Help" section which includes details of email addresses for both technical support and business issues, as well as links to online FAQ's and other Roku-specific information for the 'Creepster.TV' channel.

    Meanwhile, if you'd like to discover more about the 'Creepster.TV' channel for Roku player, you can do so via their Official Website FOUND HERE. Those wishing to connect with the 'Creepster.TV' channel can use their Twitter Feed: @CreepsterTV or else, get social via: Creepster.TV (Facebook)

    It may further interest you to know that, according to the channel description for 'Creepster.TV', taken from the Official Roku Website, the channel was developed for Roku by Overlook.TV who are, as it turns out, the parent company for the 'Creepster.TV' channel. In fact, when you sign-up & register for your FREE Trial, VIA THIS LINK, it is the Overlook.TV website to which you will be redirected.  Should you wish to find out more about this developer, you can do so by visiting their Official Website FOUND HERE. Or, to get in touch with them directly, here is their CONTACT INFO

    Those of you who wish to add this channel to the Hallowe'en-themed entertainment on your Roku player(s) but are, perhaps, unable to access the Channel Store on your device at this precise moment... can also take care of things by simply LOGGING-IN to your Online Roku Account, scrolling down to the 'Manage Account' section, and using the "Add a Private Channel" option. That way, when you do have access to your Roku player, the 'Creepster.TV' channel will be there ready for you to watch whenever you so choose !! All you must do to achieve this, is type the following access code under "Add a Private Channel" and click the blue 'Add Channel' button:-

    ACCESS CODE:- creepster

    At this point, if you haven't signed-up for your 'Creepster.TV' Account, you'll need to get registered BEFORE YOU CAN WATCH ANYTHING as well as ACTIVATE YOUR ROKU PLAYER by entering the unique code displayed on your television screen when you first attempt to watch any of the content from the 'Creepster.TV' channel. To display a code, select "Register to watch the whole thing", and press the "OK" button on your Roku remote. You should then see a message asking you to "Please link your Roku player to your Creepster subscription", followed by the code and details of where to enter it online. Don't worry if you don't already have a Creepster subscription because you can easily create one during the activation process. Then, as soon as your activation is complete, your television screen will update and you can then watch your chosen content on 'Creepster.TV'.

    Anyway, that's pretty much all there is to it, except to point out that the 'Creepster.TV' channel has been given an average score of "3.5 out of 5" from 276 ratings (so far) in the channel store description from the Official Roku Website. That alone should be reason enough to give this a try, never mind the ONE-MONTH FREE TRIAL to watch as many creepy flicks as you can  !!

    Having said that, if this particular Hallowe'en / Horror themed Roku channel was not to your liking then FEAR NOT because there will be another one featured in tomorrow's post, continuing the month-long blogathon that is: "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku"which will bring you more devilish delights EACH AND EVERY DAY from now UNTIL HALLOWE'EN and when you're done with this blog, don't forget to visit the other contributors to the 2013 Countdown To Hallowe'en and see what Hallowe'en treats they have in store for you between now and 31st October !!

    Fangs again, for stopping by !!

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