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UK Roku Official Channels - Web Video Genre

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As promised in the previous post, here is the twenty-third and final instalment in my series of general overviews (i.e. listings) for the various genres within the "Official" UK Roku Channel Store following changes to the available selection of channel store categories made during late May / early June 2015. This time it's the seventy-seven channels in the "Web Video" genre which come under the spotlight:-

001. YouTube
002. Twitch
003. Livestream
004. Vimeo
005. AOL On
006. IGN
008. Giant Bomb
009. MLG.TV
010. Fawesome.TV
011. GameSpot TV
012. VHX
013. The Gaming Channel
014. MetaTube - English
015. Ora TV
016. FYDO
017. WatchMojo
018. GameSmart
019. The Video Game Channel
020. LCS TV - League of Legends Championship Series
022. AwesomenessTV
023. Zoomin.TV Games
024. Zoomin.TV
025. Blubrry Podcast Community
026. Alpha Geek Media Player
027. GeekGamer.TV
028. PogieJoeTV
029. Endemol Beyond
030. Radar Gaming
031. Obskura TV
032. Podcasts
033. Excellent Adventures TV
034. New Media Stew
035. Cleeng Live PPV
036. TV97
037. The MacGuffin
038. Anand Media
039. Hot Gossip [by Blinkx]
040. The Jack and Holly Channel
041. Centertainment TV
042. After Hours HD
043. NinjaCharlieT
044. CNRTV Sydney
045. Papo Firme com Aguinaldo Silva
046. What's Trending
048. Frontline Broadcasting Network - FBN
049. Yahoo
050. PlayCast
051. Canalamerica [formerly CanalAmerica.TV]
052. KatapyTube
053. Sqweekey TV
054. ChiroPraise TV
055. Obsev
057. Radio Tele Boston
058. Go indie TV
059. Eternal Life Television
060. Vizbee
061. Biztales
062. GreekTV by
063. Miracle Touch Network - MTN
064. Sparkk TV - Weekly T-10
065. Terrafox TV
066. Havoc TV
067. GameCrunch
068. Great Big Story
069. Zoomin.TV GAMERZ
070. Thinknoodles - Gaming
071. Extra Credits - Gaming
072. Buzz - Gaming
073. The LlamaSir
074. Bumblebee.TV
075. Rapida
076. Minehub
077. Film Dice


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 30th April 2017 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 29th April 2017. In future, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when the "Web Video" category listing was compiled.


As with the previous twenty-two genres, outlined earlier, further details as to the specifics for each of these channels will follow at a later date. You can also expect this listing to be kept up-to-date (usually accurate to within one week) as new channels are added. This will also be the case for each of the other genres covered previously in this series of posts.

So, be sure to visit this blog again soon for even more information on the Roku streaming media player, here in the UK. It's the only place you'll find a complete list of ALL channels (or, "apps", if you prefer) that are available in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store! :-)

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