Tuesday, December 22, 2015

UK Roku Official Channels - Sports Genre

Hi, everyone !!

As promised in the previous post, here is the twentieth in my series of general overviews (i.e. listings) for the various genres within the "Official" UK Roku Channel Store following changes to the available selection of channel store categories made during late May / early June of 2015. This time it's the one hundred and thirty channels that make up the "Sports" genre which come under the spotlight:-

001. Sports by Blinkx
002. NHL
003. UFCTV
004. MLB.TV
005. Sportfishing with Dan
006. Sail TV
007. XOS College Sports
008. TheSURFnetwork
009. MileSplit
010. TMP Outdoors
011. GoFightLive
012. Fightbox Live
013. MY Combat Channel
014. IWL Pro Wrestling
015. TheSNOWnetwork
016. Addictive Fishing
017. TheMOTOnetwork
019. Driving Sports TV
020. Dwyer Boxing & Sports News
022. Dodgers Nation
023. Lakers Nation
024. Corinthians USA
025. Boxing
026. RingScoops.com
027. Ace Pro Wrestling Network
028. The Cube [formerly High School Cube]
029. Vaporvue
030. Boxing TV
031. Pursuit Channel
032. Pro Tips 4u
033. NFL
034. FNTSY Sports Network
035. Sports [by Fawesome.TV]
036. Close Combat
037. BOOMTV Sports
038. The American Digital Network
039. Ball Is Life
040. Zoomin.TV Sports
041. Vegas Sports Advisors
042. Structure Fishing Show
043. BuckingBull TV
044. WWE Network
045. Sports Illustrated
046. Baseball [by Fawesome.TV]
047. Basketball [by Fawesome.TV]
048. Canal del FĂștbol
049. MascotInsider
050. Indie Wrestling Channel
051. Soccer [by Fawesome.TV]
052. Sports & Outdoors [by Videojug]
053. WinnersView
054. GoPro [N.B. NOT ON 'Roku LT' OR 'Roku 2 XS' MODELS]
055. Junior Sports Channel
056. Wild TV
057. Skate Life
058. My Gun TV
059. FightTV Plus
060. Wired Outdoors
061. World Wrestling Network
062. Greg's Garage TV
063. Derby Girl
064. Iconici MMA TV
065. Extreme Sports
066. Student of the Gun - SOTG
067. X Sports Channel Live
068. FairwayVision Golf Videos
069. Self Defense [by Fawesome.TV]
070. Taekwondo Kickboxing Academy
071. UFNTV
072. CarbonTV
073. RING TV
074. Warriors of Wrestling
075. Bowhunting.com
076. Warren Miller
077. AAW Wrestling On Demand
078. Demand Progress Wrestling
079. ICW On Demand
080. Sheng Chi - Learn Martial Arts
082. fightTips Self Defense Guides
083. Investment Pitch Media
084. Motorz
085. BTN2Go
086. WAC Live
087. Make Ready
088. Outdoor Enthusiast Network
090. Motortrend OnDemand
091. Gen7 Outdoors
092. NKA Vids Skateboarding Channel
093. RotoGrinders
094. Monster Factory Pro Wrestling
095. Women's Wrestling Network
096. REEL H2O Fishing
097. OVC Digital Network
098. All About Golf
099. RaceWorld TV
101. NBA Channel
102. Red Bull TV
103. Retro Football
104. Got Next TV
105. TaekwonWoo
106. CZW Wrestling TV
107. MCW Rage TV
108 Outdoor Action TV
109. FASTHockey
110. CBS Sports
111. Darcizzle Offshore
112. WaypointTV
113. Martin Hall Golf
114. CUSE.TV
115. Lucas Oil Racing TV
116. Monumental
117. IGNITE Wrestling
118. GrowingDeer
119. Network A
120. Above The Game
121. Gun Talk Media
122. DineWild
123. NHRA All Access
124. X Corps
125. CARS Tour TV
126. RydeIt
127. Shaw Sports
130. Hoosier Sports Report


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 26th June 2016 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 25th June 2016. In future, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when the "Sports" category listing was compiled.


As with the previous nineteen genres, outlined earlier, further details as to the specifics for each of these channels will follow at a later date. Again, you can expect similar overviews for the remaining genres to be added over the series of posts immediately following this one.

Next up will be an itemised listing of the "Themes" genre, featuring 25 Channels !!

So, be sure to visit this blog again soon for even more information on the Roku streaming media player, here in the UK.


  1. According to the Roku UK website Sky Sports News is FREE


    1. Hi, Andrew !!

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      It's much appreciated.

      I've had a look at the Roku (UK) website and found what I think you are referring to under the banner of "Amazing FREE Channels" - although I did need to click the "right arrow" & scroll through the list to find it! ;-)

      This does seem very strange to me... because, in so far as I am aware, the only way for UK Roku users to view "Sky Sports News HQ" is to use the 'NowTV' channel (or, "app", if you prefer) on their Roku device and purchase one of the three Sky Sports (or, 'NowTV Sports') passes:-

      a. Day Pass........................................£6.99
      b. Week Pass......................................£10.99
      c. Month Pass.....................................£31.99

      This gets you access to all seven 'Sky Sports' channels, for the viewing period associated with the pass you purchased (i.e. day, week, month). Regardless of which Sky Sports (or, 'NowTV Sports') pass you opt for, the channels you can stream remain the same and are as follows:-

      1. Sky Sports News HQ
      2. Sky Sports 1
      3. Sky Sports 2
      4. Sky Sports 3
      5. Sky Sports 4
      6. Sky Sports 5
      7. Sky Sports Darts (formerly Sky Sports F1)

      The only way to maintain access to "Sky Sports News HQ" via Roku on a daily basis is to ensure you always have a valid 'Sky Sports' pass linked to the 'NowTV' account associated with your UK Roku device(s). Clearly, the cheapest way to do this is to pay £31.99 per month... since the cost of repeatedly paying for daily or weekly passes will work out more expensive over the same monthly period.

      There is a separate "Sky Sports News HQ" channel on 'NowTV' boxes which, although it would be compatible with Roku devices, has yet to be offered as a standalone channel to UK Roku users. Even so, this comes with the caveat that it requires you to have a valid 'NowTV' pass in place... meaning the least you will pay is £6.99 per month for their "Entertainment Month Pass" to "unlock" the standalone "Sky Sports News HQ" channel on 'NowTV' devices. Although if you have their "Movies Month Pass" at £9.99 per month, or have purchased any of the 'NowTV Sports' passes (as listed above) within your current month, you will also "unlock" access to - and be able to view - the standalone app for "Sky Sports News HQ" using 'NowTV' branded devices.

      Even the basic 'Sky UK' package, which includes "Sky Sports News HQ" will cost you £20 per month (minimum) to watch it and, as far as I'm aware, other than when it was included as part of the 'Freeview' line-up, available over-the-air (OTA) in the UK, it's never been truly "free" to watch it... as remains the case with 'Sky News', for example.

      IN CONCLUSION: I believe this to be an error on the part of Roku and I shall pass the information along to them to see what comes of it. The best that UK Roku users can hope for, in my opinion, is to be offered the standalone "Sky Sports News HQ" channel under the same terms as 'NowTV' box owners. This would (potentially) bring the cost down for those of us who'd like to watch "Sky Sports News HQ" but do not (necessarily) wish to fork out for all the other 'Sky Sports' channels in order to do so. However, since this is about the only "advantage" to having 'NowTV' devices (other than the initial outlay cost) over any of the UK Roku models available, I don't see this happening anytime soon.

      If I hear any more on the subject I'll post about it on the blog but, for now, I'd say it's safe to assume it was an error on behalf of Roku! ;-)

      Thanks (again) for pointing it out and taking the time & trouble to leave a comment here... like I say, it's much appreciated! :-)

      Hope that addresses the matter to your satisfaction.

  2. Any updates on this ? I would love to be able to use my roku3 to view SSN since I have the kids and entertainment passes for now tv