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UK Roku Official Channels - Travel Genre

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As promised in the previous post, here is the twenty-second in my series of general overviews (i.e. listings) for the various genres within the "Official" UK Roku Channel Store following changes to the available selection of channel store categories made during late May / early June of 2015. This time it's the one hundred and sixty-five channels in the "Travel" genre which come under the spotlight:-

001. PTA - PlanesTrainsAutomobiles
002. UK Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
003. Cruise Trips [by TripSmart.TV]
004. Caribbean Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
005. The Greece Channel
006. Beach TV - Panama City Beach
007. TripEurope
008. Germany Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
009. TripUSA
010. TripSmart
011. Beach Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
012. Cruise Addicts
013. Beach TV - The Grand Strand
014. The France Channel
015. Budget Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
016. Nature Vision TV
017. Outer Banks TV - OBX TV
018. Key TV
019. Beach TV - The Emerald Coast
020. The Switzerland Channel
021. The Costa Rica Channel
022. The Hawaii Channel
023. Road Trip [by TripSmart.TV]
024. Turkey Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
025. TripAsia
026. The Cuba Channel
027. The Las Vegas Channel
028. Italy Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
029. Armchair Tourist [FREE Version]
030. The Cruise Channel
031. Destination Caribbean TV
032. The Puerto Rico Channel
033. The Jamaica Channel
034. Mexico Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
035. TVAmerica Global Broadcasting
036. New Orleans Television
037. Peruvian Television
038. Video Visits
039. Smoky Mountains TV
040. Atlanta Channel
041. The Polynesia Channel
042. Thailand Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
043. SeeYouSoon Travel
044. O' TOWN TELEVISION (Orlando)
045. The Bahamas Channel
046. Vietnam Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
047. Discover Thailand
048. The Austria Channel
049. Ecuadorian Television
050. Korea Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
051. Tour Videos
052. California Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
053. France Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
054. Florida Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
055. Canada Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
056. Trip Australia
057. Hawaii Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
058. Spain Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
059. Florida's Visitor Network
060. US Virgin Islands Channel
061. GlobeTrekker.TV
062. The Vatican Channel
063. Africa Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
064. The Panama Channel
065. Travel Photography Channel - Brendan Van Son
066. Mike's Road Trip
067. Restaurants [by TripSmart.TV]
068. 809 Dominican Television
069. The Barbados Channel
070. 30a TV
071. The Cayman Islands Channel
072. Travel Yourself
073. Next Stop TV
074. Zoomin.TV Travel
075. Greece Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
076. All Around Puerto Rico
077. Arizona Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
078. Family Vacations [by Fawesome.TV]
079. Two for the Road
080. Travel Deeper with Gareth Leonard
081. All Aboard TV
082. British Virgin Islands Channel
083. Wolters World
084. The Maldives Channel
085. The Madagascar Channel
086. BookingHunter
087. Virtual Wayfarer
088. Travel Tips [by TripSmart.TV]
089. The Seychelles Channel
090. ThePlanetD
091. Hotels [by TripSmart.TV]
092. Fun Travel TV
093. The Hotel Channel
094. Finland Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
095. Las Vegas Travel Channel
096. Honeymoon [by Fawesome.TV]
097. Vista Channel
098. Overlander TV
099. Sam & Audrey
100. The Grenadines Channel
101. The Monaco Channel
102. The Traveling Twosome Channel
103. Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozz
104. Just Down the Road
105. Zoomin.TV Culture
106. The Mauritius Channel
107. Nomadic Samuel
108. 8 Miles From Home
109. The Travel Vlogger
110. Bulgaria Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
111. Christina Pfeiffer Travel Collection
112. Culture [by Fawesome.TV]
113. Armchair Tourist [Subscription]
114. The RĂ©union Channel
115. Hopscotch the Globe
116. Davidsbeenhere
118. Adventure Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
119. Marine Biz TV
120. This is Harrison
121. GlobeTrotterTV
122. Pause The Moment
123. The Venture Channel
124. We Said Go Travel
125. Travel Savvy TV
126. TVS Travel Video Store
127. South America Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
128. Paris Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
129. Peru Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
130. Pilgrimage [by TripSmart.TV]
131. Oregon Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
132. Ireland Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
133. This World TV
134. Travel Photography
135. Austria Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
136. Switzerland Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
137. China Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
138. Rome Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
139. Queensland Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
140. Belgium Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
141. Adventure Travel Australia
142. HD Carolina
143. New Zealand Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
144. Indonesia Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
145. Denmark Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
146. England Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
147. The Bali Channel
148. Maine Coast TV
149. Bali Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
150. Las Vegas Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
151. Bangkok Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
152. The Malaysia Channel
153. Los Angeles Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
154. Sydney Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
155. Malaysia Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
156. Netherlands Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
157. Victoria Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
158. Philippines Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
159. The Spain Channel
160. The Italy Channel
161. The Germany Channel
162. The Hungary Channel
163. Washington State Travel [by TripSmart.TV]
164. The Indonesia Channel
165. The Thailand Channel


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 26th June 2016 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 25th June 2016. In future, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when the "Travel" category listing was compiled.


As with the previous twenty-one genres, outlined earlier, further details as to the specifics for each of these channels will follow at a later date. Again, you can expect similar overviews for the remaining genres to be added over the series of posts immediately following this one.

Next up will be an itemised listing of the "Web Video" genre, featuring 54 Channels !!

So, be sure to visit this blog again soon for even more information on the Roku streaming media player, here in the UK.

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