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A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku - Day #10 REALITY, OR PARANORMAL REALITY? YOU DECIDE !!

Welcome, Boils & Ghouls !!

Another day dawns for us all and, with it, the 2013 Countdown To Hallowe'en continues... and so too does my month-long blogathon "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku". If you're new to this blog, we're now on our tenth installment in this series, which began with details of a Hallowe'en ScreamSaver, complete with spooky soundtrack, followed by a Roku channel dedicated to Vintage Horror Classics, then some Hallowe'en "How-To" videos, a Roku channel for fans of the paranormal and then another for devotees of independent horror. After that came a channel dedicated to the open discussion of UFO's and UFO-related activities plus a further selection of Cult Films, Sci-Fi Classics & Vintage Horror. Since then, we've provided details of a Roku channel brimming with creepy cocktail suggestions and another channel with a selection of classic flicks to boost your Hallowe'en / Horror movie choices. Today, we're giving you details of a channel that mixes paranormal reality tv shows with powerful documentaries, mysteries, conspiracy theories, UFO's and plenty more besides, to help broaden the spectrum of Hallowe'en entertainment on your Roku ahead of October 31st !!

It may surprise you to learn that this paranormal reality-based Roku channel IS NOT part of the "Special Interest" genre (i.e. category) BUT, instead, can be found in the "Film & TV" genre of the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store (or, "Movies & TV", for those of you in the USA). Then again, since even the content for this channel is, by it's very nature, somewhat out-of-the-ordinary... you may not find that surprising, at all !! Generally speaking, 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' provides an opportunity to sample many of the movies, programmes and tv series found in the paid version of the channel, 'Paranormal Reality TV - HD Zone', which requires a monthly subscription of £3.99. Much more than just a preview, however, you can expect to see full-length movies and whole episodes of many television series included with 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone'. Perhaps best of all, is that these are ALL COMPLETELY FREE TO WATCH although the range of choice is limited in comparison with the subscription-based 'Paranormal Reality TV - HD Zone', as you might expect.

So what can you expect to find, content-wise, on the 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' channel? Well, believe it or not, there's quite a lot on offer considering this channel is both FREE-TO-ADD and FREE-TO-WATCH on your Roku players. To illustrate my point, at the time of writing, you have the choice to view anything from the following list:-

CLASSIC MOVIES - Classic Sci-Fi and Horror Movies

Horror Classics - 13 Videos

Science Fiction - 14 Videos

 - Classic Series: Real Stories Of The Supernatural

  • Season One - 13 Episodes
  • Season Two - 12 Episodes
  • Season Three - 07 Episodes

 - The Most Controversial Lecturer In Modern History

  • Area 51 Interview
  • Mazzoroth The Saga
  • The Messiah
  • King Solomon's Temple Exposed
  • Key To Understanding Hidden Symbols In The Bible (Part One)
  • Key To Understanding Hidden Symbols In The Bible (Part Two)
  • Key To Understanding Hidden Symbols In The Bible (Part Three)
  • Lucifer: The Bringer Of The New Age
  • The Dawn Of A New Day
  • Jordan Maxwell's Basic Slideshow Presentation #1
  • Jordan Maxwell's Basic Slideshow Presentation #2
  • Signs Of Destiny
  • Astrotheology
  • The Occult World Of Commerce

 - Ghost Hunting Observational Study Team

  • Season One - 07 Episodes
  • Season Two - 02 Episodes

 - New Show.... Just Started !!!!!!!

  • Paranormal Encounters - Episode #1

 - Tri State Paranormal Investigation Series

  • Season One - 12 Episodes
  • Season Two - 06 Episodes
  • Evidence - 02 Episodes

 - Preview Of Bobby Mackey's Haunted Saloons

  • Ghost Band Origins: Enter The Washoe - Episode #1
  • Ghost Band Origins: Enter The Washoe - Episode #2
  • The Haunting Of The Loretta Lynn Homeplace - Episode #3
  • Ghost Band: The Haunted Rohs Opera House - Episode #4
  • Shocked At St. Albans Sanatorium (Part One) - Episode #5
  • Shocked At St. Albans Sanatorium (Part Two) - Episode #6
  • Darkness Radio: Dave Schrader Interviews Matt Kazee & Chris Fleming
  • Legend Trip To Bobby Mackey's [Preview of HD Zone Show]

 - Feat. Jeff Belanger And His Crew Of Mad Scientists & Oddballs

  • Season One - 13 Episodes
  • Season Two - 13 Episodes
  • Season Three - 12 Episodes
  • Season Four - 14 Episodes
  • Season Five - 18 Episodes
  • Season Six - 16 Episodes
  • Season Seven - 18 Episodes
  • Season Eight - 16 Episodes
  • Season Nine - 05 Episodes

 - A Channel Between Two Worlds

  • Phasmophobia - 07 Episodes

 - Do You Have What It Takes?!!!

  • Season One - 06 Episodes
  • Season Two - 06 Episodes

 - Your Backstage Pass To Australia's Paranormal Community

  • Season One - 06 Episodes + Special Announcement
  • Mini Series - 13 Episodes

 - Video Camera Footage Of Various Haunted Places

  • The Old Buchanan County Home - Episode #1
  • Russell And Snowden House - Episode #2
  • Edinburgh Manor - Episode #3

 - Brent Holland Explores The Unexplained

  • Season One - 24 Episodes
  • Season Two - 12 Episodes

 - N.B. Requires Subscription To HD ZONE For Viewing !!!!!!

 - World Mysteries & Conspiracy Theories

  • How To Watch The Sun
  • The Primer Fields Experiment (Part One)
  • The Primer Fields Experiment (Part Two)
  • The Primer Fields Experiment (Part Three)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. - The Case For Conspiracy
  • The Source Field Investigations
  • Thrive
  • 2012 Event Horizon (Part One)
  • 2012 Event Horizon (Part Two)
  • Ungrip
  • The Turning Point
  • Why In The World Are They Spraying?
  • What In The World Are They Spraying?
  • Dark Legacy
  • Kymatica: The Movie
  • Illusionati
  • Jim Marrs - The Hidden Truth About 2012 Revealed
  • The Assassination Of JFK Jr.
  • Santos Bonacci - The Ancient Theology Occult Science
  • Freeman Perspective: This Ain't Kansas Anymore

MY PROJECT U.F.O. - Original Documentary

 - Specialist Channel For UFO's

  • The Underground
  • Symbols Of An Alien Sky
  • Origins Of The Secret Space Program
  • Interstellar
  • Celestial
  • Moon Rising
  • UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

 - Candid Interviews About The Paranormal

  • Paranormal Interviews Trailer
  • New York City Haunting
  • The Ghost Girl

 - Welcome To The FreeZone

  • Freeman TV With Jim Marrs
  • Freeman TV - Alien Agenda
  • Freeman TV - Return Of The Nephilim
  • Freeman TV With Alan Watt
  • Freeman TV - Obama And The Alien Invasion
  • Freeman TV Exposes The Mind Control Factory
  • Freeman TV - Transhumanism 

 - Jake Stock Takes You Behind The Paranormal Scenes

  • ParaWatch TV With Jake Stock - Episode #1
  • ParaWatch TV Interviews Tri-State Paranormal - Episode #2
  • ParaWatch TV At Phenomenology 104 - Episode #3

 - Project Camelot TV

  • Interview With A Rothschild
  • Interview With Michael Schratt
  • Interview With Michael Prince
  • Interview With Melinda Leslie
  • Lt. Col. French
  • Citizens' Hearing On UFO's
  • Awake And Aware 2013 Panel Discussion
  • Project Camelot Keith Hunter Nuclear Secrets
  • Project Camelot Interviews Marshall Van Summers
  • Project Camelot Interviews Bill Wood
  • Project Camelot Interviews Aaron McCollum
  • Project Camelot Interviews Benjamen Fulford
  • Project Camelot: Twilight Of The Old Boys' Network 
  • Project Camelot: Awake And Aware Conference 2011
  • Project Camelot Interviews Hugh Newman On Earth Grids
  • Project Camelot Interviews Keith Hunter
  • Project Camelot Interviews George Kavassilas
  • Project Camelot: Dr. Steven Greer
  • Project Camelot: Andrew Collins


  • Season One - MISSING
  • Season Two - 20 Episodes
  • Season Three - 32 Episodes
  • Season Four - 25 Episodes
  • Season Five - 22 Episodes
  • Season Six - 14 Episodes
  • Season Seven - 09 Episodes
  • Season Eight - MISSING
  • Season Nine - 18 Episodes

 - Chris Fleming's Radio Show

  • 2011 Spirit Talk  Radio Show - 09 Episodes
  • 2012 Spirit Talk  Radio Show - 12 Episodes
  • 2013 Spirit Talk  Radio Show - 02 Episodes

NASA 360 - NASA 360 RSS Feed


A.M. RADIO - Talk Radio

 - Explore The Haunted MidWest

 - The Quest For Proof... Seeking Evidence Of The Paranormal

  • The Haunted Graveyard
  • The Clearing
  • Haunted Ellerslie Farm House
  • Haunted Oppertshauser House
  • Con-Tact Paranormal Research - Eagle House: Road To Freedom

 - Something Paranormal TV - New Show.... Just Started !!!

  • Episode #1 - The Boys from ECPRT investigate the possibility of paranormal activity inside the National Historic Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 

So, as you can see, there's TONS OF FREE CONTENT available for you to watch on the 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' channel, ensuring you have plenty of ways to pass the time between my daily doses of Roku-related Hallowe'en horror in "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku" while, at the same time, helping to satisfy your appetite for all things paranormal in the build-up to Hallowe'en with October 31st now just three weeks away !!

Meanwhile, if you would like to connect with the "Paranormal Reality TV - HD Zone" channel, you can do so via their Twitter Feed: @ParanormalRoku although, from my own recent experience, they do not appear to be prolific "tweeters", having made a GRAND TOTAL of fifty-five tweets thus far, since July 2011. In fact, their most "recent" activity was just over a month ago, on 7th September 2013, so don't expect an immediate response from them via that particular social media approach. Perhaps a better solution would be to use the CONTACT FORM on their official website or, if you just want to get social, then do so via their Facebook Page: Paranormal Reality TV (Facebook).

It may further interest you to know that the "Paranormal Reality TV - HD Zone" channel was developed for Roku by whose rather minimalist website can be viewed HERE. Still, it does include their email address if you happen to be looking for help with the development, hosting and publishing of your TV channel or radio station on Roku, Google TV, Android or Ipad.


PLEASE NOTE:- Towards the end of August 2013, many Roku owners were reporting that they had experienced some issues with video playback on the 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' channel. In response to this, they posted the following statement via their Facebook page on 24th August:-

We have identified the playback issue and it should only affect the Free Zone channel. It is not on our end. The problem is with the ad-roll company app. When there is no ad to play it kicks back the the main Roku screen. This should not happen. We are in contact with the ad company about the issue and hopefully it will be fixed soon. The subscription HD Zone is working correctly with no playback issues.

 They followed this up, two days later, with another statement (again, via Facebook) on 26th August:-

We have now restored service to the Free Zone app. Please email us if you have any more issue with service. Thank you.

However, six weeks on from their announcement that they had "restored service" to the Free Zone app, many people are STILL HAVING PROBLEMS with video playback for the 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' channel and, unfortunately, suffering THE EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS where, no matter which video you try to play, you are immediately "kicked back" to the Roku Home Screen.

Our advice, if you are experiencing this particular problem with the 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' channel, is for you to send a direct message to the channel using the CONTACT FORM on their Official Website. If the problem persists, perhaps someone at 'Paranormal Reality TV' can arrange for Roku owners to get FREE ACCESS to the subscription based 'Paranormal Reality TV - HD Zone' until the problem is completely resolved with 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' ?!!


Putting aside any potential video playback problems for a moment, those of you who might wish to add this channel to the Hallowe'en-themed entertainment on your Roku player(s) but are, perhaps, unable to access the Channel Store on your device at this precise moment... can also take care of things by simply LOGGING-IN to your Online Roku Account, scrolling down to the 'Manage Account' section, and using the "Add a Private Channel" option. That way, when you do have access to your Roku player, the 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' channel will be there ready for you to watch whenever you so choose (barring any playback issues, of course) !! All you must do to achieve this, is type the access code under "Add a Private Channel" and click the blue 'Add Channel' button:-

ACCESS CODE:- paranormalfreezone

Anyway, that's pretty much all there is to it, except to point out the 'Paranormal Reality TV - Free Zone' channel has been given an average score of "3.5 out of 5" from 278 ratings (so far) in the channel store description from the Official Roku Website. That statistic alone should be reason enough to give this a try, never mind that ALL FEATURED VIDEOS ARE FREE TO WATCH too !!

Having said that, if this particular Hallowe'en / Horror themed Roku channel was not to your liking then FEAR NOT because there will be another one featured in tomorrow's post, continuing the month-long blogathon that is: "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku"which will bring you more devilish delights EACH AND EVERY DAY from now UNTIL HALLOWE'EN and when you're done with this blog, don't forget to visit the other contributors to the 2013 Countdown To Hallowe'en and see what Hallowe'en treats they have in store for you between now and October 31st !!

Fangs again, for stopping by !!

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