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There's now just two days to go in the Countdown To Hallowe'en 2013... but that still leaves time for two more posts until my month-long blogathon, "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku", finally comes to an end on October 31st. If you missed the previous instalments, earlier this month, the series began with details of a Hallowe'en ScreamSaver, complete with it's own spooky soundtrack, followed by a Roku channel dedicated to Vintage Horror Classics, then some Hallowe'en "How-To" videos, a Roku channel for fans of the paranormal and then another for devotees of independent horror. After that came a channel dedicated to the open discussion of UFO's and UFO-related activities plus a further selection of Cult Films, Sci-Fi Classics & Vintage Horror. Since then, we've provided details of a Roku channel brimming with creepy cocktail suggestions, another with more classic Hallowe'en movie choices, and then details of a Roku channel that mixes paranormal reality tv shows with powerful documentaries, mysteries, conspiracy theories, UFO's and plenty else besides. The next two instalments saw yet more Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy movies on one channel plus some Hallowe'en / Horror-themed music, courtesy of a Roku radio channel, on another. We then brought you details of a live-streaming horror channel, to add yet another dynamic to the Hallowe'en entertainment on your Roku players plus some close encounters of the third kind, courtesy of a Roku channel dedicated to the subject of aliens and UFO's. Add to that two more Roku channels bringing fresh selections of Sci-Fi & Horror Movies plus more "Halloween Horror" films, then another channel with a bunch of J-Horror, K-Horror and every other kind of Asian horror that you can imagine. Then throw in yet another helping of vintage horror movies, together with a whole host of Hallowe'en recipes to add to the macabre menu for your spooktacular soirée. Add to that a side-order of indie underground horror seasoned with a dash of the weird & paranormal, plus more hard-to-find horror movies & TV series, and then throw in a little zombie action, some slashers & killers, as well as a few more "Films of the Undead" & some ghost stories courtesy of Nowhereman's Archive.org client for Roku, not forgetting the 100+ sci-fi, horror & fantasy films and the 120+ public domain horror & sci-fi flicks we've posted details of, over the last couple of days, and you're well on your way to having the best Hallowe'en ever, with everything that's been covered (so far) in this series !!

Meanwhile, here we are with only two days to go until Hallowe'en and, we've still got tons more Hallowe'en-themed movies that can be streamed via your Roku(s). So... where do we go from here ?!! Well, by now, we hope you'll agree that you can never really have too much choice in terms of movie(s) to watch over the Hallowe'en season, so we figured that the best way to cram in more movies was to find a channel that offered more in the way of movie shorts. With that in mind, we scoured the available channels on Roku player and (somehow) managed to come up trumps (once again) with a channel that offers a huge selection of movie shorts (plus plenty more besides) to further enhance your viewing choices. Suffice it to say that, if you're partial to watching the world's favourite independent movies, with unlimited access to award-winning features, short films, documentaries & web series, then you'll definitely want to add this to your channel selection, as you cram in the movies for the remainder of this Hallowe'en season !!

It probably comes as no surprise to you, that this indie movie-based Roku channel can be found in the "Film & TV" genre (i.e. category) of the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store (or, alternatively, "Movies & TV", for Roku owners in the USA). Generally speaking, the 'IndieFlix' channel offers unlimited instant streaming of independent movies... with an assortment of comedies, zombie films, animation & classic movies plus much, MUCH MORE besides. In fact, the selection is so good Variety Magazine refers to IndieFlix as "The Netflix of Independent Film", which pretty much says it all, really. With a variety of genres (i.e. categories) that include themes such as "Action & Adventure", "Animation", "Arts", "Celebrity", "Classics", "Comedies", "Cult", "Dark Comedy", "Documentaries", "Dramas", "Dramedy", "Experimental", "Food" and "Foreign", plus "Horror", "Sci-Fi", "Thrillers", "Westerns" & "Zombies", as well as "Music", Politics", "LGBTQ", "Romance", "Short Films", "Sports" and "Web Series", not forgetting the extremely handy selection of "Staff Picks"... all of which means you'll never be hard-pushed to find something that suits your taste. The cost of all this is a mere $6.99 PER MONTH (or else, $69.00 PER YEAR... SAVING 20% !!). Perhaps best of all, though, is that you can also take advantage of a ONE-WEEK FREE TRIAL when you signup for an IndieFlix Account. That means, you can HAVE FULL ACCESS FOR FREE for the week over Hallowe'en (or any other time you choose to start your membership) in which you can stream anything that you like without having to pay a penny for all those great horror shorts and indie horror feature films (not forgetting all the other great movies) included with the 'IndieFlix' channel on Roku.

Obviously, having multiple genres to choose from in the main menu of the 'IndieFlix' channel means that not all of the included content is relevant to this post. As I mentioned before, there are other loosely relevant genres included (such as Thrillers and Sci-Fi, or perhaps even Cult or Dark Comedy) in which you might find an indie movie that grabs you BUT, sticking to the general theme of Hallowe'en, the (current) selections to be found in the "Horror" and "Zombies" categories of the 'IndieFlix' channel on Roku player, including IMDB links (where available) are as follows:-

Horror (101 Titles)

  • 2:22 [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Steven Shea] (08m 25s)
  • A Visitor In The Night [Short Film] (2010) [dir. John Portanova] (12m 15s)
  • All Hallows' Eve [Video Release] (2007) [dir. Harry Sparks] (1h 06m)
  • American Nightmare [Video Release] (2002) [dir. Jon Keeyes] (1h 31m)
  • American Vampire [Video Release] (2009) [dir. Brandon Pavon] (1h 34m)
  • April Fools [Video Release] (2007) [dir. Nancy Norman] (1h 12m)
  • Blood + Roses [Feature Film] (2009) [dir. Simon Aitken] (1h 19m)
  • Blood Makes Noise [Short Film] (2005) [dir. Adrian Carr] (28m 00s)
  • Blood Moon [Short Film] (2012) [dir. Farnaz Samiinia] (19m 00s)
  • Blood Shack [Feature Film] (1971) [dir. Ray Dennis Steckler] (1h 12m)
  • Blood Sisters [Feature Film] (1987) [dir. Roberta Findlay] (1h 26m)
  • Bloodstained Romance [Feature Film] (2008) [dir. Travis B. Miller] (1h 33m)
  • Bloody Pit Of Horror [Feature Film] (1965) [dir. Massimo Pupillo] (1h 27m)
  • Carnivore [Feature Film] (2000) [dir. Joseph Kurtz, Kenneth Mader] (1h 20m)
  • Cold October [Short Film] (2008) [dir. Mikel J. Wisler] (29m 00s)
  • Containment [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Scott Watson] (13m 56s)
  • Craig [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Kim Sonderholm] (13m 01s)
  • Creeping Thirst [Short Film] (2007) [dir. David Pope] (09m 07s)
  • Damon [Feature Film] (2006) [dir. Eric Richardson-Hagans] (1h 21m)
  • Deja Vu [Short Film] (2007) [dir. Jason Konopisos] (10m 50s)
  • Deus Irae [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Pedro Cristiani] (13m 00s)
  • Disturbed [Video Release] (2009) [dir. Randy Aldridge, Brian McLaughlin] (1h 24m)
  • Dreams Of The Dead [Feature Film] (2007) [dir. John Orrichio, Karl Petry] (1h 37m)
  • Endless [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Matt Bloom] (07m 46s)
  • Enter The Dark [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Todd Miro] (17m 00s)
  • Eulogy For A Vampire [Feature Film] (2009) [dir. Patrick McGuinn] (1h 47m)
  • Familiar [Short Film] (2012) [dir. Richard Powell] (23m 00s)
  • Fear House [Feature Film] (2008) [dir. Michael R. Morris] (1h 27m)
  • Flesh For The Beast [Feature Film] (2003) [dir. Terry M. West] (1h 24m)
  • Fractured Minds [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Frank Battiston] (28m 00s)
  • Freaky Farley [Video Release] (2007) [dir. Charles Roxburgh] (1h 23m)
  • Fringe [Short Film] (2008) [dir. Tate Lown] (05m 39s)
  • Ghost Month [Feature Film] (2009) [dir. Danny Draven] (1h 50m)
  • Gitchy [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Lenny Rivera, Thomas Norman] (33m 00s)
  • Hampshire [Feature Film] (2010) [dir. Christopher Kelley] (1h 21m)
  • Haunting Villisca [Feature Film] (2006) [dir. James Serpento] (1h 30m)
  • He Dies At The End [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Damian McCarthy] (05m 00s)
  • Hide And Creep [Feature Film] (2004) [dir. Chuck Hartsell, Chance Shirley] (1h 24m)
  • Home [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Cameron McCulloch] (11m 29s)
  • Horrific [Short Film] (2012) [dir. R. Boocheck] (07m 00s)
  • The Horror Vault (Vol.1) [Horror Anthology] (2008) [dir. Various] (1h 50m)
  • The Horror Vault (Vol.2) [Horror Anthology] (2009) [dir. Various] (1h 22m)
  • How I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse [Short Film] (2009) [dir. C. Cantamessa] (10m 33s)
  • Howling Brat [Short Film] (2008) [dir. David Pope] (10m 00s)
  • Hunting Season [Feature Film] (2007) [dir. Nathan Wrann] (1h 33m)
  • In A Dark Place [Feature Film] (2005) [dir. Jay Nuzum] (1h 26m)
  • Incarnate [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Jordan Fuller] (19m 00s)
  • Intruder [Feature Film] (2008) [dir. Gregory Caiafa] (1h 24m)
  • Invicta [Video Release] (2009) [dir. Carolyn Banks] (1h 15m)
  • Khon Len Khong (Art Of The Devil) [Feature Film] (2004) [dir. Tanit Jitnukul] (1h 36m)
  • Kill Devil Hill [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Ace Jordan] (12m 00s)
  • Leyenda [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Pau Teixidor] (16m 00s)
  • Living Arrangements [Feature Film] (2009) [dir. Sam Thompson] (1h 35m)
  • Long Khong (Art Of The Devil II) [Feature Film] (2005) [dir. Pasith Buranajan] (1h 43m)
  • Moonshine [Feature Film] (2006) [dir. Roger Ingraham] (1h 11m)
  • Neal [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Geoff McGee] (06m 00s)
  • Night Crawlers [Feature Film] (2009) [dir. Benjamin Wilbanks] (1h 15m)
  • Not Even Death [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Monica Winter Vigil] (06m 06s)
  • Occurrence Off A Country Road [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Alexander Walsh] (14m 28s)
  • Of Darkness [Short Film] (2006) [dir. Gary E. Irwin] (21m 00s)
  • One Of Them [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Bradley W. Ragland] (07m 06s)
  • Patient 17 [Feature Film] (2011) [dir. Tuyet Le] (1h 17m)
  • Plague [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Matt Simpson, Joseph Avery] (17m 00s)
  • Playground [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Mark Kuczewski] (08m 59s)
  • Point Of Contact [Feature Film] (2006) [dir. Hank Stone, Roy Kurtyulan] (1h 31m)
  • Point Of Fear [Feature Film] (2006) [dir. Brooks Benjamin] (1h 36m)
  • Present Day [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Bradley W. Ragland] (13m 44s)
  • Pretty Vacant [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Elliot Fu] (12m 00s)
  • Prodigal Son [Short Film] (2011) [dir. C. J. Scuffins] (19m 00s)
  • Rats (by M. R. James) [Short Film] (2011) [dir. Stephen Gray] (19m 00s)
  • Red Balloon [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Damien Macé, Alexis Wajsbrot] (12m 54s)
  • Salvation By Blood [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Devon Mikolas] (36m 00s)
  • Shevil (The Girlfriend From Hell) [Short Film] (2010) [dir. J. McCarthy] (12m 25s)
  • Six Feet Under [Short Film] (2013) [dir. Dominic Roberts] (03m 00s)
  • Sole Heir [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Joe Hawkins] (09m 48s)
  • Stranger [Short Film] (2010) [dir. John-Michael Thomas] (14m 39s)
  • Sweet Dreams, Lovely One [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Emily McMartin] (07m 52s)
  • Taken [Feature Film] (2002) [dir. Jeromy Ceseña] (1h 15m)
  • The Anniversary [Feature Film] (2012) [dir. Collin Joseph Neal] (1h 44m)
  • The Chauffeur [Feature Film] (2008) [dir. Benny Woodell] (1h 08m)
  • The Commune [Feature Film] (2009) [dir. Elisabeth Fies] (1h 31m)
  • The Fairy Princess [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Stephen Lyman] (14m 37s)
  • The Ghost And Us [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Emily Carmichael] (10m 17s)
  • The Graveyard Shift [Short Film] (2010) [dir. April Wright] (09m 32s)
  • The Haunted Dolls House [Short Film] (2012) [dir. Stephen Gray] (11m 00s)
  • The Hell Patrol [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Turner Van Ryn] (30m 00s)
  • The Institution [Short Film] (2006) [dir. Brad Lamar] (14m 00s)
  • The Killer Shrews [Feature Film] (1959) [dir. Ray Kellogg] (1h 09m)
  • The Lost One [Short Film] (2010) [dir. Adam Watson] (14m 05s)
  • The Lycanthrope [Feature Film] (2007) [dir. Tony Quinn] (1h 24m)
  • The Other Side [Short Film] (2012) [dir. Alex Santoro, Oli Santoro] (21m 00s)
  • The Patient [Short Film] (2009) [dir. Rob Hamilton] (24m 00s)
  • The Sleuth Incident [Short Film] (2008) [dir. Jason Kupfer] (12m 00s)
  • The Small Assassin [Short Film] (2007) [dir. Chris Charles] (16m 00s)
  • The Vampire Project [Video Release] (1995) [dir. Michael R. Morris] (0h 47m)
  • The Wickeds [Video Release] (2005) [dir. John Poague] (1h 34m)
  • This Side Of Nightmare [Short Film] (2008) [dir. Peter Grendle] (11m 20s)
  • Vegas Vampires [Feature Film] (2003) [dir. Fred Williamson] (1h 29m)
  • Vivienne Again [Short Film] (2012) [dir. Kim Garland] (12m 00s)
  • Zombeer [Short Film] (2008) [dir. Barend de Voogd, Rob van der Velden] (11m 56s)
  • Zombies Take The Schoolyard [Short Film] (2010) [dir. James Tuverson] (10m 00s)

Zombies (38 Titles)

Given that there are only thirty-eight titles available in the "Zombies" genre, it's a shame that more than one quarter of those are also listed among the one hundred and one titles from the "Horror" genre. That said, you still have close to one hundred and thirty titles to choose from across the two genres and, once you've accessed the main menu of the 'IndieFlix' channel on Roku, you'll doubtless find a few others that interest you from the hundreds of included titles in the remaining genres. 

Looking firstly at the titles available in the "Horror" category, my own PICK OF THE BUNCH, in terms of feature-length movies, WOULD HAVE TO BE... "Taken" (2002) directed by Jeromy Ceseña, closely followed by Roger Ingraham's "Moonshine" (2006) and "Patient 17" (2011), directed by Tuyet Le. Other than that, I'd also recommend Sam Thompson's "Living Arrangements" (2009), plus "Damon" (2006), directed by Eric Richardson-Hagans, and "All Hallows' Eve"(2007), directed by Harry Sparks. In terms of the horror shorts, there really is an amazing selection of films available here and it 's difficult to select just a few but, if push came to shove, I'd say "The Small Assassin" (2007), directed by Chris Charles, "The Patient" (2009), directed by Rob Hamilton, plus "Zombies Take The Schoolyard" (2010), directed by James Tuverson, and "Neal" (2011), directed by Geoff McGee, are a pretty good place to start. On the other end of the scale, ONE'S TO AVOID ARE... most certainly the likes of Joseph Kurtz & Kenneth Mader's "Carnivore" (2000) and "Vegas Vampires" (2003) directed by Fred Williamson, as well as the 1971 film "Blood Shack" by Ray Dennis Steckler. Other howlers that could probably do with a miss are "April Fools" (2007) by Nancy Norman, and Roberta Findlay's "Blood Sisters" from 1987. If you'd like other recommendations from this list, just leave a comment and I'll suggest a few more for you to watch, or to avoid (if you prefer).

Moving on to the "Zombies" category, and ignoring those titles that I've already mentioned which are also listed under the "Horror" category (above), my PICK OF THE BUNCH here WOULD BE the indie horror, "El Día de Los Muertos" (2007) by Ricardo Islas, from the feature films, and either "Velho Mundo" (2010), directed by Armando Fonseca, or "How I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse" (2009), which was directed by C. Cantamessa, from the short film selection. On the flip side of the coin, THE ONE'S TO AVOID ARE... the likes of "Teenage Zombies"(1961) directed by Jerry Warren, from the feature-length films, and (perhaps) "Zombie Chronicles: The Infected"(2010), directed by Marvin Suarez, from the zombie shorts. Still, love them or loathe them, this mix of "Horror" & "Zombie" movies will ensure that you have plenty of ways to pass the time between my daily doses of Roku-related Hallowe'en horror in "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku" and, at the same time, satisfy your appetite for indie horror content in the build-up to Hallowe'en !!

It may further interest you to know that, according to the channel description for 'IndieFlix', taken from the Official Roku Website, the channel's content providers are also responsible for the development of the 'IndieFlix' channel on Roku. So, obviously, their talents don't just end with providing unlimited access to award-winning features, short films, documentaries & web series to fulfil your independent movie-watching needs. Meanwhile, if you'd like to discover more about the 'IndieFlix' channel on Roku, you can visit their Official Website VIA THIS LINK. You can also connect with 'IndieFlix' via their Twitter Feed: @IndieFlix or else, if you prefer, you can easily get social with the the good folks at 'IndieFlix' through: IndieFlix (Facebook)

Those of you who wish to add this channel to the Hallowe'en-themed entertainment on your Roku player(s) but are, perhaps, unable to access the Channel Store on your device at this precise moment... can also take care of things by simply LOGGING-IN to your Online Roku Account, scrolling down to the 'Manage Account' section, and using the "Add a Private Channel" option. That way, when you do have access to your Roku player, the 'IndieFlix' channel will be there ready for you to watch whenever you so choose !! All you must do to achieve this, is type the following access code under "Add a Private Channel" and click the blue 'Add Channel' button:-

ACCESS CODE:- indieflix

Anyway, that's pretty much all there is to it, except to point out that the 'IndieFlix' channel has been given an average score of "3.5 out of 5" from 1, 126 ratings (so far) in the channel store description from the Official Roku Website. That statistic alone should be reason enough to give this a try, never mind that YOU CAN GET A ONE-WEEK FREE TRIAL to watch as many as you can  !!

Having said that, if this particular Hallowe'en / Horror themed Roku channel was not to your liking then FEAR NOT because there will be another one featured in tomorrow's post, continuing the month-long blogathon that is: "A MummyVision Guide To Hallowe'en On Roku"which will bring you more devilish delights EACH AND EVERY DAY from now UNTIL HALLOWE'EN and when you're done with this blog, don't forget to visit the other contributors to the 2013 Countdown To Hallowe'en and see what Hallowe'en treats they have in store for you between now and 31st October !!

Fangs again, for stopping by !!

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