Monday, February 25, 2013

UK Roku Private Channel - Resources For The Future

Another week, another channel...

First, though, I'd like to welcome some more new readers into the fold. Since my last post, we've had visitors from Norway, Brazil, Denmark and Thailand, as well as Trinidad and Tobago. Hopefully you all found something of interest within the various posts that have been published so far.

Those of you who have been following this blog since it's inception will already have been made aware of the 1,656 channels that currently exist in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store but, as promised in some of my earlier posts, the aim of this blog is to cover ALL channels available to Roku users in the UK. That means, you will also get to find out about the so-called 'Private' channels Roku UK users can add to their streaming media players.

Now, at some point, I will be publishing an A-Z list of all these hidden channels for ease of reference. For now, I'm merely going to whet your appetite(s) by drawing your attention to a Private Channel that I came across over the weekend, purely by chance...

Basically, I was playing around with different access codes in an attempt to find the correct code for another channel that was in the Roku USA Channel Store but not, as yet, featured here in the Roku UK Channel Store. Anyway, one of the codes I entered turned out to be a valid access code for a channel that I'd never heard of. So, when I clicked on the 'Add Channel' button, this is what I saw on the computer screen in front of me:-

Needless to say, I proceeded to add the channel so that I could find out more about it. For some reason, none of my regular sources of private channel access codes has made any mention of this and, usually, they would be the ones publishing private channel access codes that I would add to my Roku player. This time, however, I believe I may have a WORLD EXCLUSIVE FIRST REFERENCE to a previously unheard of Roku channel that they will be adding to their Roku players !!

Before I go ahead and give you the access code, though, I just want to give you some background information on Resources For The Future (RFF) so that you can judge for yourselves whether this 'Private Channel' will be of interest to you, or not.

Essentially, Resources For The Future (RFF) is a non-profit and non-partisan organisation that conducts independent research on environmental, energy, natural resource and environmental health issues. Their headquarters are in Washington DC but their research scopes comprises programs in nations around the world. Founded in 1952, they now have some 40 researchers working within five defined focus areas:-

  1. Energy and Climate
  2. Regulating Risks
  3. Transportation and Urban Land
  4. The Natural World
  5. Health and Environment

For those of you that are interested in finding out more, I recommend a visit to the RFF website, where you can get the latest information on their current activities. Meanwhile, if you care to check out their 'Private Channel' on your Roku player, what you will get is a 75 minute video of an RFF seminar from May 2012 where they address concerns about speculators who, having driven the price of oil to unprecedented heights back in 2008, may now be doing it again...

If that sounds worthy of a watch to you, then you can add this FREE private channel via your online Roku Account by clicking on the following link:-

Or, if you prefer, by accessing your Roku Account online and then using the 'Add A Private Channel' option to type the access code in manually, yourself. If so, here it is:-

CODE: rff

If you do decide to view the video of the RFF seminar, then PLEASE REMEMBER that this is now an archive recording and YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS via their Twitter feed, as mentioned near the outset, and have them answered 'live' at the end of the seminar. However, if you so wish, then any questions you may have could still be submitted to the RFF website using the link (above), or using their Twitter Feed: @RFF_org or their Facebook Page: ResourcesForTheFuture

Should the content of this particular Roku Private Channel not be of interest to you then, rest assured, there will be plenty more access codes and details for other Roku Private Channels, Hidden Channels or Beta Channels... call them what you will, published right here on this very blog. They may not all be a WORLD EXCLUSIVE FIRST REFERENCE, as I believe this to have been, but I assure you that you will be able to add them to your Roku streaming media player(s) here in the UK. Just remember that some will only be compatible with Roku 2 players but, that being the case, I will endeavor to inform you in the post for the channel(s) concerned.

Still, that's about it for this post. Keep coming back, if you want more Roku Private Channels UK users can add to their Roku players as well as the latest additions to the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store. Either way, you'll hear about them either here or via my Twitter Feed: @ukrokuchannels

Until the next time, then...

That's all folks !!

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