Monday, February 11, 2013

UK Roku Official Channels - Religion & Spirituality Genre

Hello, again !!

I'd like to begin by extending a warm welcome to recent visitors from the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico. Bearing in mind that the Roku streaming media players have been mainly marketed in four regions (USA, Canada, Ireland & UK) it's refreshing to know that there has been an interest expressed in the device from a further six regions around the globe, via this very blog. It seems the world really is shrinking and we are gearing more towards a global community.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post is to reveal to you the two hundred and seventy-eight channels that, together, make up the "Religion & Spirituality" genre in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store. So, without further ado, here goes...

001. Shalom Television Channel
002. Divine TV
003. EWTN Europe
004. Lifepointe
005. TBN Networks TV
006. GOD TV
007. Daystar Television Network
008. Revival Fire TV
009. 700 Club Continental
010. Amazing Discoveries TV
011. Tomorrow's World
012. Jerusalem Channel
014. SonLife Broadcasting Network
015. iPoint Global Entertainment [formerly iPoint Cable]
016. Al Mouridiyyah Television
017. Truth For The World
018. HisChannel
019. KVTV
020. AhlulBayt TV
021. MorningStar TV
022. Billy Graham Television - BGTV
023. GETV - Global Evangelism Television
024. WLSG
025. 3ABN
026. Understand the Bible
027. CTV
028. Jim Richards TV - Impact TV
030. Mormon Channel
031. Brightstar TV
032. North Point Online
033. It's Supernatural! Network
034. Kenneth Copeland Ministries
035. Westside Family Church
036. Bible Explorations
037. TV Mackenzie
038. Preach The Word Worldwide TV
039. Zola Levitt Ministries
040. RHEMA
041. SpeakFaith.TV
042. CYC - Christian Youth Channel
043. Redemption Television
044. LifeChurch STL
045. Christian Video Pix
046. Hope Channel
047. Muslim Television Ahmadiyya
049. Impact Radio Network
050. Water of Life [Doyle Davidson] (PUBLIC)
051. Reigning in Life
052. ReLive
053. Mieux Vivre
054. The Streaming Bible
055. Your Now Network
056. New Hope Today - NHT
057. VCC Jesus Zentrum
058. NAMS Network
059. THABN Channel
060. Gaither TV
061. Sound Reason
062. BTBN - Bible Teachers Broadcasting Network
063. The Messianic Channel
064. Keys to Kingdom Living
065. Hal Brady Ministries
066. Joyce Meyer Ministries
067. BibleTalk.TV
069. River Of Life
070. Victory World Church
071. ZoeStream Network
072. Blessing TV
073. Pure Passion World
074. The Gathering Church
075. Weiner Ministries
076. 3:16 TV
077. Oxford Bible Church
078. Dr. Leroy Thompson TV
079. 1st Baptist Church Trussville
080. Parables TV
081. Andrew Wommack Ministries
082. Uniendo Fuerzas
083. WZC - White Zoom Channel
084. Marian TV
085. UnoRed La Red Cristiana
086. MTA International
087. Angel TV
088. Apostollic Christian Assembly (ACA Prayer House)
089. Radio Vida En Abundancia
090. Global Christian Network TV (GCN TV)
091. AFTV - Amazing Facts TV
092. The Refuge
093. Transforming Truth
094. Shiloh Ministries
095. Seventh-Day Adventist TV
096. Prophetic Destiny TV
097. Christian Life Ministry
098. Kingdom TV Network
099. Vajra Buddhist TV
100. Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis
101. Safeer TV
102. Assemblies Of God
103. The Dove TV & Radio
104. PAX
105. Op72
106. Southern Baptist Churches
107. HGGWN Christian IPTV Cable
108. Inspiration TV
109. Vineyard
110. Church Of God
111. Presbyterian Churches
112. Baptist Churches
113. United Methodist Church
114. Anglican Churches
115. Calvary Chapel
116. HRN On-Demand TV
117. Bible Discovery TV Free
118. Revival Is Here TV Network
119. The Church On The Way
120. Salvation Online
121. Rejoice TV
122. TVida TV
123. Hebraic Roots Network - Live
124. Saddleback Church
125. Gracepoint Church - Jim Devney
126. First Fruits Of Zion
127. Dove Broadcasting
128. JellyTelly
129. Alfady TV Channel
130. The Chapel
131. Discover The Truth
133. Skip Heitzig
134. Crown Entertainment
135. Emmanuel Church Windhoek
136. Ageless Knowledge TV On Demand
137. Life & Health Network
138. Central United Methodist
139. The Life Of Faith Broadcast
140. Evangel Church
141. The Impact Network
142. FwpTV
143. AwakeNJ
144. Christ Family TV Network
145. Totally Gospel Network
146. GCN TV Korea
147. A.R.S.3. Ministries
148. UCB TV
149. Holy Spirit And Fire TV
150. StreamSpot
151. The Holy Tales - Bible
152. GEB America
153. Lehigh Valley Baptist Church
154. First Presbyterian Church
155. Trinity United Thunder Bay
156. Tele Dunamis
157. Una Voz De Consuelo
158. Audio Scripture ROKU
159. FNDTV
160. Morris Cerullo Ministries
161. Lake Gibson Church
162. LifeChurch West Chester
163. PIJN News
164. Deen TV
165. ChurchVU
166. Our Lady Of The Visitation
167. Beltline Christian Center
168. Kennedy Classics
169. Cape Nazarene
170. Calvary Chapel Southbury
171. Truth That Transforms
172. Refuge
173. Heritage Church Texarkana
174. The Basilica Of St. John
175. St. Mark Missionary Baptist
176. Glorify TV
177. Old West Ministries LIVE
178. Shalom World TV
179. TBC World
180. Calvary Baptist Normal IL
181. Mars Hill Baptist Church
182. I'm Inside Jew
183. Praise Church
184. christian [formerly The Saints Network TV]
185. WLJC
186. Calvary Chapel Sonora
187. Maranatha
188. EIFM
189. Calvary Chapel Fort Worth
190. Calvary TV
191. iChurch Las Vegas
192. Hour Of Power
193. Hope Of Israel
194. CfaN
195. Calvary Eau Claire
196. Sound Doctrines TV
198. CalvaryFTL
199. Revelation Of The Word Church
200. Bible Tracts Radio
201. CDI TV
202. Faith Community Church
203. Kim Clement TV
204. Quest Community Church
205. Joyful Noise
206. Generation Now Network
207. CNL
208. Super Channel
209. Sammy Tippit Ministries Media
210. Eleden.Net
211. KingsWord TV
212. Crossline TV
213. Rockford First Church
214. Catalyst Church
215. Colonial Hills Baptist Church
217. Shepherd's Chapel Church
218. Shekinah Worship Centre
219. Fellowship Of The Nations TV
220. For The Life Of The World
221. Intercede International
222. Salt and Light
223. Frazer TV
224. The Bible Songs
225. Benny Hinn
226. The Carter Report
227. Now Worship Center
228. InTouch Ministries
229. JW Broadcasting
230. Grace Family Church
231. Headwaters Christian Church
232. Hyde Park Community UMC
233. Bible Screen
234. Bayless Conley Ministries
235. Dr. Anthony L. Trice TV
236. The Children's Mite
237. CTA
238. Christ Family Network
240. Martus Ministry
241. SOON TV
242. HBN TV
243. All Nations TV
244. Empowerment Television Network
245. Christian Movies Direct
246. CBN TV
248. Message of Change
249. Barak Television
250. Celebration Church
251. Little Light Studios
252. Clayton Shepherd Ministries
253. Christian Movie Channel
254. Life TV Network
255. Alkalema TV
256. PJTN
257. Study Gateway
258. Centenary UMC
259. Revelation TV Live
260. Fairmount Temple
261. All Saints Church
262. Harvesters.TV
263. First Methodist Sugar Land
264. Ravi Zacharias Ministries
265. Life Church AG
266. God's Truth And Deliverance
267. Jesus 101
268. Go Christian TV
269. Cottonwood Creek Church
270. Global Christian Network - GCN
271. The Christian Comedy Channel
272. Christian Television Network
273. WATVnetwork
274. ARC Churches
275. Victory Church
277. Genesis Science Network


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 24th May 2015 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 23rd May 2015. Therefore, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when the "Religion & Spirituality" category listing was compiled.


That takes us well over the fifteen hundred mark, as far as "public" channels are concerned, with the total number indexed (so far) standing at 1,581 and still with two more genres to go. Next time, I'll be providing details for the 8 channels listed under "Themes" in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store and after that there's just one more category to complete these listings.

In the meantime... I'll be bringing you details of a NEW ACCOUNT that I've set up on Twitter to bring you more concise snippets of information on Roku UK. There will, of course, be referrals back to this blog for more in-depth analysis on the various "tweets" you read but there will also be some stuff which is unique to the Twitter feed. So, if you really want to be on top of all the information for UK Roku, you will need to check BOTH sources regularly.

In other words, if you want to be sure of having a complete list of Roku channels, then as long as you stick with UKROKUCHANNELS (via Blogger and Twitter) you know you're in the right place to get the job done !!

For future reference... I'll also be compiling a BIG LIST, with an A-Z summary of the 1,669 channels available in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store, which can then be added to as and when any new channels are released. In that way, it should serve as both an accurate and authoritative document for whatever channels you should expect to find there, at any given time.

That's about it for today, though.

So, until next time...

That's all folks !!


  1. Hi

    Are there any specifice christian channels aimed at children on this list?


    1. Hi, Donna !!

      Thanks for taking the time & trouble to leave a comment.

      It's much appreciated.

      The one channel from this list which springs immediately to mind as being tailored specifically towards children is "JellyTelly" which, as of the date of this reply, can be found at No.142 in the above list of channels.

      If you'd like to discover more about this particular channel, it was featured in my "Roku UK Channel Store - Weekly RoundUp #39" that was published in December 2013. Check out the 'Blog Archive' (top right) for that month and you should soon come across it. There's links to the official channel description on the Roku website, as well as an independent review from 'Roku Guide', plus my own comments to help inform you.

      Aside from that, my advice would be to take a "lucky dip" approach, given that there are so many channels in this category. Many of the channels (christian or otherwise) contain family-oriented content and you can then decide which of those is right for you. The great thing about the Roku player is that you can add and remove channels at will. So, if you add one & then decide it's not quite right for you, it can easily be removed by selecting it from your list of 'My Channels' and using the 'Option' key (with the asterisk) on your Roku remote to access the "Remove channel" option. Alternatively, you also can remove any previously added channel by finding it in the Channel Store on your Roku player and selecting "Remove channel" from within the channel description.

      If you do find other channels worthy of recommendation, please feel free to leave another comment for the benefit of others. One thing is certain...

      You won't be short on choice in this category !!