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UK Roku Official Channels - Screensavers & Apps Genre

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We'll be keeping it short and sweet this Sunday, with a special selection of eighty-seven channels from the "Screensavers & Apps"genre (apologies to anyone with a lisp for that intro!) as can be currently found in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store and, in doing so, we'll be trying to avoid any (more) superfluous "S's" in the process !!

So, sit back and cast your eyes over this next installment from my series of posts designed to give you the skinny on exactly which channels are available on Roku UK and help you build a complete list of what's on offer when you choose to invest in one of these smart streaming media players...

In fact, they're so smart most of them even come with a cable that will allow you to turn an old CRT television into a "Smart TV" without so much as an HD cable, never mind an HD TV, in sight. Now, if that doesn't entice some of you TV technophobes to dig into your wallets and join us in the present century, I don't know what will !!

But, as usual, I digress... so, without further delay, here's a list of the 87 channels that populate the "Screensavers & Apps" genre in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store:-

01. WebCam-One
02. Weather4us
03. Chaneru
04. Blockwave Preview
05. Picasa Web Albums Screensaver
06. Aquarium Screensaver
07. Stock Watch
08. Oregon Beaches
09. Clever Clocks Screensaver
10. Nowhere Headlines
11. ScreenShades
12. Flowers
13. Floating Circles
14. Blockwave Screensaver
15. True Screensaver
16. Alien Worlds
17. CalendarStream
18. Quotes From Shakespeare
19. More Quotes From Shakespeare
20. Angry Birds Toons
21. Ouroborealis
22. Sleep Diet
23. Fireflies Screensaver FREE
24. WebCam Plus
25. Today's Daily App
26. Puppy Saver
27. Kitten Saver
28. Space Saver
30. VAPE
31. FisHi
32. ScreamSaver
33. Fireflies Screensaver
34. Christmas
35. Radar HD
36. Christmas Winter
37. Christmas Screens
38. Desert Beauty
39. Nowhere Pix
40. Wild Lakes
41. Perfect 1080
42. ScreenJuice Elements
43. ScreenJuice Autos
44. ScreenJuice Space
45. ScreenJuice Designs
46. ScreenJuice Macro
48. Fantasy Spacesaver
49. miDoor (Requires miDoor Device)
50. Car Screensaver
51. Cities At Night
52. Firefox (Requires Android Device)
53. Roksbox for Dropbox
54. Fall Screensaver
55. Landscape Screensaver
56. Halloween Screensaver
57. CalendarStream (Ver. 2.0)
58. Artcast (Paid Version)
59. Your Photos Screensaver
60. Study Buddy
61. Screensaver Channel
62. Roksbox xStream
63. Roksbox for Google Drive
64. Roksbox Plug and Play
65. Binary Clock Screensaver
66. Daylight Clock Screensaver
67. Animated Flip Clock
68. Nixie Clock Screensaver
69. Word Clock Screensaver
70. Art Stream Videos
71. Lakes Screensaver
72. Ahhveo
73. Kinetics Screensaver
74. Serenity Channel
75. Winter Saver
76. Scout for Netflix
77. Artcast Lite
78. Starfield
79. Beaches Screensaver
86. SCREENZAVER.Military


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 24th May 2015 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 23rd May 2015. Therefore, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when the "Screensavers & Apps" category listing was compiled.


Okay, okay... not such a great job of avoiding the "S's" but, when you're listing eighty-seven screensavers, there's not much chance of avoiding them is there?!! Anyway, that now brings our tally to just over the thirteen hundred mark... with 1,303 channels having been listed from the (current) total of 1,669 that are available in the Roku UK Channel Store.

Fortunately, this means we're not far off the "over 1,400 channels and counting..." introductory paragraph (currently) found on the Roku (UK) website although it would have been nice if they (i.e. Roku themselves) had listed exactly what those channels were, rather than leaving it for someone like me to do in my (very limited) spare time. Still, if it helps anyone out who may have been putting-off buying a Roku device for lack of information on it, then it's time well spent.

More importantly... that leaves us with just three more categories for which we need detailed listings and, in case you didn't read my earlier post with the Official Roku UK Channel Store Overview, next up will be the "Religion & Spirituality" genre. So, if you'd like to discover the 278 channels available you'll need to come back and check out my next post, which will provide you with an itemised listing of what is on offer.

Until the next time, then...

That's all folks !!

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