Monday, February 4, 2013

UK Roku Official Channels - International Genre

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Given today's category, I should probably have translated my greeting into several different languages but, if you've made sense of everything thus far, you should do just fine with this, too !!

Anyway last time I mentioned that, in this post, we'd be covering the fifty-one channels that combine to make up the "International" genre. So, to avoid any cats being killed, here's the list:-

01. Yupp TV ROW
02. VISION TV Network
03. BomTV International
04. My African Pack TV
05. Africa Live
06. Georgian Public Broadcaster
07. IPWorldTV Global
08. Appu Series TV
09. EUlive Media
10. African Movie Channel
11. Mela Movies
12. iMusti Movies
13. Caribcast TV
14. Global-TV Network
15. WatchPhilippines TV
16. NEPALiPTV Global
17. Mela TV Global
18. Filipino Channel TV
19. Filipino Channel
20. Rustavi 2
21. Arabia
22. Innovative Language - English
23. Innovative Language - Spanish
24. Innovative Language - French
25. Innovative Language
26. Innovative Russian
27. TV Imedi
28. AfrikaSTV - ASTV
29. Vietnamese Channels
30. Access Asia Network - AAN
31. America's Survival
32. Hmong TV Network
33. Bollywood Masala
34. Edewcate
35. Onelink TV Network
36. iFilm Arabic
37. iFilm Persian
38. iFilm English
39. CineFunTV
40. Cloudio TV
41. MarocStream
42. African Info Media
43. DramaFever
44. Giniko Turkish
45. iVaya!Film
46. Guda TV
47. Universal Newsreel Archives
48. Rangarang
49. BioTV
50. The Israel Channel
51. ITV Channels (Italy on Demand)


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 24th May 2015 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 23rd May 2015. Therefore, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when the "International" category listing was compiled.


By the time you've managed to check out that lot, you're probably going to be hungry, so it's just as well that my next post will reveal the 97 channels that make up the "Food" genre. So far, we've covered 846 of the 1,669 channels that are currently available in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store. That means we're just over half way through our task of itemising all the Roku Channels in the Roku UK Channel Store... a list which just gets bigger all the time !!

With seven genres (i.e. categories) from the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store already swelling our Roku UK channel list to quite sizeable proportions, we're going to have to loosen our belts to cram in all of the detail from our remaining six genres. Not least of all because one of them has the most channels of any category in the Channel Store !!

So, come back soon and gorge yourselves on the veritable feast of channels that make up the Roku UK channel list and put back some of those pounds you've lost while shedding the seasonal excess with rigorous New Year exercise !! What's that? You're not either? Guess that makes two of us !!

Until next time, then...

That's all, folks !!

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