Thursday, April 11, 2013

Roku 3 UK - UPDATE #1

Hi, everyone !!

A few days ago, on Monday 8th April 2013 (to be precise), there was an official announcement about an Update for Roku 3 posted on the Official Roku Blog. However, this particular Roku news bulletin amounted to little more than a heads up concerning the first firmware update for the new streaming media player since the Roku 3 launch (for the USA market) on Tuesday 5th March 2013.

Unfortunately there was still no information given regarding an official Roku 3 UK release and, although they did confirm that the minor software update for Roku 3 (Version 5.0, Build 7070) would be pushed to all Roku 3 players within 48 hours, there was no further news about the general rollout of the much touted "New Roku Experience"as featured in their video intro to Roku 3 last month.

Personally, I'm not convinced that we'll ever get such an update for Roku UK players, due to the incompatibility of the built-in "Search" function as mentioned in my post on "Roku 3 For The UK...". My concerns have since been reinforced by the experiences of one Roku Forums member, called 'Batnun', who recently imported a Roku 3 player to the UK and announced "Just got the Roku 3 in the UK - works great", only to find out subsequently that the 'search' option was missing.

So, if you have considered importing a Roku 3 player from the USA, you would be wise to hold off for an official Roku 3 UK release which, if it ever happens, will at least be for a Roku player that has been designed fully for use in the UK. Aside from which, if you do import one now, you'll be paying over the odds for something which will not be completely functional when paired with a UK Roku Account. In other words... BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!!

Elsewhere in the online forums, speculation has arisen concerning the manufacture of a new Roku box for the UK which will be exclusive to NowTV [Powered by Sky] and branded accordingly. In other words, there will be no Roku branding on the player (despite being manufactured by Roku) and, instead, there will only be brand markings for Sky's NowTV service. The fact that the owners of Sky and NowTV invested heavily in Roku last year opens up the possibility that the 'Roku 3' for the UK might actually appear to be more of a 'NowTV' player, at first glance, even if the design is essentially that of the 'Roku 3' with a re-badge. Still, with that in mind, it might just make more sense to "wait & see" if there is a Roku 3 UK release in the offing before shelling out the BIG BUCK$ on an import.

If only Roku knew just how much interest there is to bring Roku 3 to UK users, then I'm certain they would adopt a different marketing strategy. That way, instead of "Celebrating 5 million Roku players" in the USA, they could be boasting about shipping their ?? millionth Roku streaming player in the UK!

Until Roku themselves wake up to that fact, however, we are still (currently) limited to the Roku LT or the Roku XS in the UK (as outlined in my post, "It's Time To... Choose Your Roku !!"). Unless, of course, the rumours about the 'NowTV' styled Roku 3 for the UK turn out to be true !!

Needless to say, we will keep you informed of any and all Roku 3 UK news, including a Roku 3 UK release date (when it happens),  any Roku 3 updates and (ultimately) a Roku 3 channel list just as soon as they wise up and bring Roku 3 to UK purchasers so that we can get hold of one to actively compile it. Meanwhile, the Roku 3 UK search will continue on a daily basis until we can bring you the news that we've all been waiting for... the Roku 3 UK launch !!

Fingers crossed, it's coming sometime... maybe ??!!!

Anyway, that's all there is to tell you for now.

So, until next time...

That's all folks !!


  1. Can I stream live premier league matches , like my current xbmc box

    1. Hi, Ge O !!

      Thanks for taking the time & trouble to leave a comment.

      It's much appreciated.

      Without knowing the precise "ins & outs" of your XBMC setup, I cannot say whether UK Roku devices will enable you to stream live premier league matches, "like my current xbmc box", as per your question.

      What I am able to confirm is that UK Roku devices CAN "stream live premier league matches" via the 'NowTV' channel for Roku which allows you to buy a "Sports Pass" (either daily or weekly) to watch Sky Sports and, therefore, be able to watch live premier league matches.

      There are also options for "screen mirroring" when enabled (on compatible Roku devices) from selected Android and Windows 8 devices which may or may not facilitate whatever else you may have in mind.

      There was a hack, a while back, which we hoped would allow XBMC to be run on Roku devices but that was quickly patched by Roku and I've heard little else since.

      If I haven't answered this question to your satisfaction, or you want a more specific answer for your needs, then feel free to provide additional info below and I'll see what I can do to help.

      For now, though, my answer is "YES" but with certain caveats, as mentioned. If 'NowTV' is not an option you wish to consider, then "IT DEPENDS" on what you have in mind.

      Thanks for reading!