Monday, April 15, 2013

Roku 3 UK - UPDATE #2

Hello, again !!

Further to my Roku 3 UK - UPDATE #1, last week, I paid a visit to the "Official" Roku (UK) Website and just happened to notice that some of the channel icons from the image in the headline banner (which now claims a mere "450 channels and counting" when, as we have already shown, there are actually far more) had been altered (slightly) since the last time I checked. If you had taken a look for yourself, on the date of this post, this is the image you would have seen:-

Now, unless I am mistaken, the "Angry Birds Space" game DOES NOT FEATURE in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store. Nor, as far as I know, can it (currently) be added as a private channel to UK Roku players (which. as of now, remain limited to a choice between the Roku LT and the Roku XS). In fact, unless you have imported a Roku 3 player from the USA (an act which brings with it some problems of it's own, i.e. NO SEARCH FUNCTION when used in the UK) you would not even be able to add this game to your Roku, never mind play it, so why feature it on a UK-specific web page ?!!

The fact that the "Angry Birds Space" icon does feature in the above image, however, raises several questions over it's inclusion as part of the headline banner on the Roku (UK) website. For example:-

  1. Does the inclusion of the "Angry Birds Space" channel icon mean that the launch of a Roku 3 UK player is imminent?
  2. Does the inclusion of the "Angry Birds Space" channel icon mean that the game is about to be added to the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store?
  3. Was the inclusion of the "Angry Birds Space" channel icon in the Roku (UK) headline banner image simply a mistake inherent from the failure of Roku (USA) to implement a genuine standalone Roku website for the UK (e.g.

In the first instance, an official Roku 3 UK release would (obviously) be very welcome and is, I'd venture to say, what most people would prefer to be the case, here. Of course, if you've read my previous Roku 3 UK - UPDATE #1 you will also be aware that this could equally mean the arrival of the much rumoured "NowTV" branded Roku player which, depending on the distribution factor implemented, may not prove to be popular with many UK Roku users. Afterall, having boasted about NO TIES and NO CONTRACTS for the NowTV service on Roku UK, it would (in my opinion) be wrong to then limit the next generation UK Roku player for purchase ONLY via NowTV and/or Sky. That said, I'm not against a rebrand (per se) as long as the player remains generally available for purchase through both the current channels (i.e. Amazon,, Currys, Maplin, PC World,, Tesco Direct, etc) and as many NEW retail outlets in the UK as Roku can muster.

If, however, there are NO PLANS to bring Roku 3 to UK purchasers anytime soon (as was the case when my original post, Roku 3 For The UK..., was made) then the second option might not be such a bad thing, either. If you think about it, we can already get the original "Angry Birds" game for FREE in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store. We also have the option to purchase both "Angry Birds Rio" and "Angry Birds Seasons" for £2.99 (each) from the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store, if we want. So, what would be the problem in making "Angry Birds Space" available to UK Roku users for, say, £2.99 as well? That way UK Roku owners would at least get a chance to play "Angry Birds Space" on their Roku 2 player, by purchasing it via the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store, while they wait to see if the Roku 3 ever makes it to the UK (in one form or another). 

Seriously, it's a WIN-WIN situation I'm suggesting here. If Roku 3 does eventually get a UK release, it will sell on it's own merits and the inclusion of "Angry Birds Space" for FREE will only be a deciding factor for a minority of purchasers. In the meantime, if the game is made available for purchase, at least anyone who forks over the asking price will have had the benefit / advantage of being able to play the game between now (assuming it's added to the UK channel store, of course) and whenever the Roku 3 arrives in the UK. Finally, in a worst case scenario, if the Roku 3 NEVER makes it to these shores (would they really be that mean?) we would at least have another game choice in the UK channel store. ALL THREE of these potential outcomes would make money for Roku that they would not (currently) be getting because of restricting "Angry Birds Space" to the USA market, via it's free inclusion with the Roku 3 player. So, come on Roku... get your finger out and, if you're not going to give us the Roku 3, at least give us "Angry Birds Space" to take our mind off that fact. But wait, I must apologise, for it seems that I have digressed somewhat...

... because there was, if you recall, a third possibility referred to (above) which suggested that the inclusion of the "Angry Birds Space" channel icon was simply a mistake. If true, that would indeed be the least favourable reason but, of course, these things do happen, from time to time. For example, you need only scroll down a short way, on the "Official" Roku (UK) Website, before you come across another misleading image which suggests that the Roku Newscaster channel is also available on UK Roku players as of this moment in time:-

However, if you try the ADD CHANNEL link from the UK (using ACCESS CODE: newscaster) it will only result in the familiar (to me, at least), "We're sorry. This channel is not available in your area" message which, of course, means you're not going to get the Roku Newscaster channel in the UK. So, I say again, come on Roku... sort your act out and quit teasing the UK market with stuff you can't deliver. Either bring us the Roku 3, add "Angry Birds Space" to the UK channel store, update your excuse for a Roku (UK) website or, BETTER STILL, do all three before it's too late !!

Anyway, sadly, this means that no real conclusion can be drawn from the alteration(s) to the image from the banner headline on the "Official" Roku (UK) Website. We're still none the wiser for having seen it. This latest Roku 3 UK update has, undeniably, been more about rumour & speculation than any official announcement from Roku about a Roku 3 UK launch. But, that said, the questions raised do provide some food for thought on the matter, I hope you'll agree. 

Needless to say, we'll continue to keep our ear to the ground and our eyes on the computer screen for any further Roku 3 UK update that may materialise and, rest assured, you will hear about it right here if & when it happens. Yes folks, our Roku 3 UK search will continue until (hopefully) a Roku 3 UK release date is officially announced and, once purchased, we'll begin compiling a Roku 3 channel list to add to the other UK Roku information provided on the pages of this blog.

Meanwhile, remember that you can keep up-to-date with all things Roku-related in the UK via the companion Twitter Feed to this blog: @ukrokuchannels where (as always) you'll find up-to-the minute information being posted on a daily basis (well, almost). Be sure to check it out and bookmark it, if you haven't already done so. Plenty of stuff gets posted there which, whilst it usually gets updated on this blog too, is not always obvious from looking through the archive(s) of these pages. 

Still, that's about as much Roku 3 related gossip as I can bring you for now.

So, until the next time...

That's all folks !!


  1. Here we are 5 months later, and on a Google search I still can't find the Roku 3 UK version except some ads on Amazon that seem to be US origin and very pricey.
    Canada price is CAD110, and it has just hit BestBuy stores today. However this Roku 3 has a mains connector plug clearly marked as Model AAW-00 120V -60 Hz 0.4 A. There has been discussion as to whether this is specific US market labelling and the rating is 110-240V as is common with most new computers/tablets. Concensus is that it works correctly. Bigger issues are whether firmware is different, and if the US sourced Roku 3 will work correctly on a UK account, and again the concensus is that there are problems with search and available apps.
    Are Roku unable to access International markets? This seems to have gone on too long, and the initial interest in Roku 3 Forums has died. Not many new posts.
    Do you have anything to add?

  2. Hi, Paulo !!

    It's good to see someone raising some issues and starting a discussion on various aspects of the Roku 3 streaming media player and, in particular, the possibility of it's release for the UK market.

    Whilst I'm inclined to agree with you that the delay in bringing the Roku 3 to the UK has gone on far too long, I would STRONGLY CONTEST ANY SUGGESTION that INTEREST in the Roku 3 (presumably you mean for the UK?) has DIED because my blog stats tell me THAT IS FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Trying to gauge that level of interest from forum threads can be (and clearly IS in this case) misleading, since it requires continued fresh posts, or else 'bumps', to keep them alive. FYI the 'Roku 3' related posts on this blog have received 8 TIMES AS MANY VIEWS as the next nearest article on this blog, OVER THE LAST WEEK, and are in the TOP 3 MOST READ POSTS of ALL-TIME too !!

    With regard to the Amazon listings you mentioned those are, as you say, IMPORTED products and PRICED FAR TOO HIGH to be a worthwhile investment for UK Roku purchasers. Clearly, that didn't put off some people BUT that's their concern !!

    I am, however, surprised to hear that your online search didn't yield a result for Maplin because, when I have attempted a similar search, their listing (although currently out-of-stock) does appear in the search results. If you've not yet read it, take a look at my post entitled "Roku 3 UK - UPDATE #5" published last week and you'll find links to the Maplin Online Store where the Roku 3 [UK model] is STILL LISTED and you can monitor the latest stock information.

    Although there's been NO OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from Roku on the matter, THERE IS now STRONG EVIDENCE to suggest that the LAUNCH of the Roku 3 [UK Edition] IS IMMINENT, as born out by the PACKSHOT IMAGE included in the introductory paragraphs to my "Roku UK Channel Store - Weekly RoundUp #26" posting, again from this past week. Take a look at it, if you haven't already, and you'll see what I mean.

    Personally, I'd like to see Roku acknowledge that the "cat" (i.e. the Roku 3 [UK Edition] we're waiting on) is now well and truly "out of the bag" and just give us the release date, already! However, since they're unlikely to do that until they are good & ready, we'll just have to play along with this charade and act all surprised when they make the announcement !!

    As to the release of the Roku 3 in Canada, you may recall that (last year) the Roku streaming media players were released for the UK market (late Jan/early Feb) couple of months ahead of them being made available to buyers in Canada (mid-April). So, my guess is that Roku decided to reverse that order this time around, meaning Canada was first to get the Roku 3 and the UK will get it next. All I'm hoping is that, with any luck, the time delay between the Canadian release & the UK release will be far shorter this time around. If not, and the same length of time were applied for the Roku 3, the UK release wouldn't happen until mid/late December and Roku would likely miss out on sales !!


  3. So, Paulo...

    As to the other issues you raised, I have the following thoughts to add...

    Your comments about the mains connector plug are, in so far as I'm aware, largely valid and most people I've heard from (who have purchased imported players in the UK) seem to have got by with a simple travel adapter to get it up & running. I've not heard any issues concerning the use of a U.S. mains adapter for powering up the Roku player in the UK, using this method. So, basically, you can buy an import model, power it up and IT WILL WORK in the UK... just NOT WITH 100% FUNCTIONALITY on account of the different firmware.

    It's not so much that there's a "problem" with the search feature, but that the channels the search feature is designed to work with are not available in the UK so the experience of the user interface is essentially no different to what you now get with the latest update installed on Roku LT and Roku 2 XS players which were built for & sold to the UK market.

    For me, the BIG DISAPPOINTMENT is that, with "One-stop search" not listed in the features on the packshot for the Roku 3 [UK Edition], we are essentially MISSING OUT on one of the MAJOR SELLING POINTS of the Roku 3 in this country. As to WHY the people at Roku couldn't develop & install an ADAPTED SEARCH FEATURE which was DESIGNED TO WORK with UK-specific channels, I cannot say. What i do think is that their FAILURE TO DO SO is nothing short of a MASSIVE OVERSIGHT on their part !!

    Lastly, in respect of certain apps not being available or functioning properly on these imported players, it's for the individual to decide if they want to SPEND A LOT OF MONEY to essentially buy what amounts to a COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED PRODUCT outside of the USA. Given recent findings which now suggest that a Roku 3 UK release date is imminent, with a Roku 3 UK launch (most likely) just around the corner, MY ADVICE would be to WAIT (a little longer) and SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY whilst ensuring that you GET A FULLY SUPPORTED PRODUCT designed, built & sold specifically for use in the UK

    If (like me) you're one of those people who have been asking themselves, "When will Roku 3 be in UK?", rather A LOT lately then I TRULY BELIEVE that we are about to find out ANY DAY NOW !!

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment as well as raise some important issues concerning the Roku 3 (imported or otherwise) in the UK. Your efforts are much appreciated. Meanwhile, I hope I've answered at least some of your questions concerning the product and will simply remind you to keep an eye on this blog and it's companion Twitter Feed over the next few weeks for MORE NEWS and UPDATES concerning the Roku 3 UK RELEASE DATE... it's COMING SOON... I just KNOW IT !!