Monday, March 18, 2013

UK Roku Private Channel -

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask...

... and that's kind of how I came by this latest addition to my ever-expanding list of UK Roku private channels, while exchanging emails with another blogger, this past weekend. More of that, in a bit...

First, though, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to yet another batch of new readers from various locales around the world including, but not limited to: Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Cyprus, Jersey, Oman, Pakistan, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by... I hope you all found something of interest while reading this blog and I look forward to your continued support, as I attempt to provide you all with an up-to-date Roku UK channel list that includes all the Roku channels 2013 has to offer for Roku users in the UK.

It's fair to say that, aside from what's on offer in the "Official" UK Channel Store, there is a lot of interest in the 'other' Roku channels available. In fact, some of the best Roku channels can be found among the so-called Roku private channels, hidden channels, beta channels, etc. which, no matter how you choose to refer to them, are all just Roku channels that are not available in the Roku channel store, for one reason or another. So, to help you discover some of these hidden Roku channels and develop your own list of Roku private channels, I'll be gradually building my own Roku private channel database right here on this blog.

Just in case you missed them, I've already posted details (including access codes, etc.) for two Roku private channels UK users can add to their Roku private channels list(s). For starters, there was my WORLD EXCLUSIVE first reference to a UK Roku Private Channel - Resources For The Future. This was followed by another UK Private Roku Channel - H*E*R*O* USA but, suffice to say that we have barely even scratched the surface when it comes to revealing ALL of the Roku private channels UK users can view once they know the channel codes for these 'other' Roku channels.

So, the aim is to bring you these details as and when we hear about them. Think of this as your very own Roku private channels blogspot where you can keep coming back for all the latest news & updates on what hidden channels are out there to boost your Roku UK channel list. As the ONLY currently available UK Roku blog, private channels that are compatible with UK Roku players are best sourced from the pages of this blog. When you read about them here, they are already tried and tested on a UK Roku player so there's less chance of "We're sorry. This channel is not available in your area" which is a common message you'll get if entering codes found elsewhere.

Actually, it was because of getting one such message that I began my exchange of emails (referred to at the start of this post) with the good folks at as to why their Roku channel was not available here in the UK. Having long been an avid reader of their blog, as evidenced by their inclusion in my Blog Roll, I was keen to see what was on offer via their Roku private channel. However, despite my repeatedly trying the access code on and off over a long period of time, I was always met with the "We're sorry. This channel is not available in your area" message.

Anyway, this time I decided to try and find out why the channel wasn't available here and, at the same time, request that they took steps to rectify the situation so that UK Roku users could finally see what they had been missing. So, off went the first email (via the contact form on their website) and I then just had to wait and see if I got a response.

Amazingly, I heard back from them inside of 24 hours with a message that, "As requested, the mkvXstream Roku channel should now be viewable in the UK and rest of the world", which was exactly what I had hoped to hear. So, having waited so long to view the channel, I wasted little time in entering the access code (which I'll reveal to you later in this post) and added the mkvXstream private Roku channel to my Roku player, via the "Add a Private Channel" option in my online Roku Account. Once the hidden channel code had been successfully entered, I was greeted by the following on-screen message:-

As usual, I opted for "Yes, Add Channel" rather than the "Cancel" button because, aside from having waited all this time to view this channel, it was FREE to add... so there really was nothing to lose !!

Once the channel was installed on my Roku player, I noticed the "dot com" had been dropped from the channel name (see 'Add Channel' image above) and that it was now identified as simply "mkvXstream" with the tag line, "Covering the Hottest Media Streamers & Roku Channels on the Planet". Other than that, the channel icon remained the same (as pictured above) and it loaded quickly and smoothly.

The main menu (currently) offers three options:-

(i)   Xstream - Watch Your Videos on Roku (3 videos - ALL in HD);
(ii)  MX Privateer - Today's Hottest Supercross Privateers (7 videos - 3 in HD / 4 in SD), and;
(iii) GoPro HD - Extreme Sports Videos by GoPro in HD (8 videos - ALL in HD)

In the 'Xstream' category, you will find an episode of OCDtv (Obsessive Comics Disorder TV) feat. Chris Renshaw, aka 'The Professor', who gives us his review of the Roku XD (a model only available in the USA). There is also a brief commercial for 30a TV, which was released in the UK last week and mentioned in my last post for the Roku UK Channel Store - Weekly RoundUp #1. The last video is basically a brief video 'hint' to visit the website and view their 'Site Index' for more info on how to "Add Your Video" to "Watch on Roku"... Hmmmm, sounds interesting !!

Under the 'MX Privateer' category, you will find a selection of no less than seven videos by Privateer Motocrosser, Mike Horban, showing him in action at PTF (Phil's Training Facility) near Redding, California and getting ready for the US Open. There's also footage of his battle with Tiger Lacey at Josephine County Fairgrounds, where he's running with a blown radiator but still not giving up. Plus, you can see him getting the jump on Factory Yamaha's Josh Hill at Medford's ArenaCross. The four videos that I have just mentioned are the ones recorded in SD only. The remaining three are all in HD and include the short films "Life of a Privateer Motocrosser" & "Filthy Animals", as well as footage of both Mike Horban and Josh Hansen practicing at Milestone. If you like what you see here, you can always check out Mike's website ( for more on what he's been up to.

Finally, the 'GoPro HD' category offers a selection of extreme sports videos made using the GoPro HD Hero & GoPro HD Hero 2 cameras. There's some really HIGH QUALITY stuff on offer here, with footage ranging from wingsuit fliers Jeb Corliss & Roberta Mancino, to avalanche cliff jumps with Matthias Giraud, to skateboarding with Ryan Sheckler in New York. Plus, you'll find footage from the Red Bull Rampage 2010 in Virgin, Utah and a video on mountain biking, feat. Craig Sanchez, a movie on radical freestyle skiing and a short film of 'Shark Riders' dive housing with world renowned free diver Mark Healy. All incredible footage... you've got to see this, if you like extreme sports !!

Now, for those of you with your Roku players hooked up to an old CRT television, using the mini-jack to composite cable, as I did for the purposes of testing this channel... PLEASE TAKE NOTE:

In order for the HD content (i.e. 15 of the 18 videos currently on offer) to play properly you will need to look at your Roku Player Settings to make sure that 'Display' is set to HD (i.e. 720p or 1080p) because, if you have it set to 4:3 or Widescreen (i.e. Standard Definition) they will not play.

*** N.B. You will need to connect your Roku player to an HD television, via an HDMI cable, in order to see the HD options listed under the 'Display' settings (if you haven't already done so). Once you have selected either 720p (Roku LT and Roku XS) or 1080p (Roku XS only) you can then exit settings and disconnect your Roku player from the HD TV. When you then reconnect to your CRT television, using the mini-jack to composite cable, the Roku player will remember the HD settings and you should have no trouble watching any of the HD content on the mkvXstream channel. ***

This was finally established after an exchange of emails between myself and the good folks at, this past weekend, where we threw several ideas around whilst trying to find some sort of technical solution, and even discussed potential GEOblocking issues, before FINALLY hitting on the answer to the problem... PHEW !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, the long and the short of it is that the mkvXstream private Roku channel DOES WORK here in the UK and has some good quality content on offer, provided you like the subject matter that is !! So, if the above description has left you wanting more and you'd like to add this FREE private channel to your Roku player, then you can do so (via your online Roku Account) by clicking on the following direct link:-


Alternatively, you can access your Roku Account online (without using the 'ADD CHANNEL' link, above) and from there, use the 'Add a Private Channel' option to then enter the access code manually, yourself. That being the case, the code you will need to type in is:-

CODE: mkvXstream

If you'd like to know more about the developers of this channel or to view their 'Site Index' for more info on how to "Add Your Video" to "Watch on Roku", then you should visit their Official Website:-


For those of you that prefer to use Twitter for your snippets of information on current media streaming technology, Roku private channels and FREE internet TV, you can follow them at:-


Finally, if Facebook is more your thing, they can be found at:-


If you do decide to get social with them, please be sure to let them know that you heard about them here and tell them I said, "Hi". While you're there, remember to thank them for making their channel available to Roku users in the UK. Not forgetting it's now available in the Rest of the World, too !!

As always, if this particular channel was not your cup of tea (so-to-speak), just remember to visit this blog again in future because there will be plenty more Roku channel codes and details of other UK Roku Private Channels, Hidden Roku Channels, Roku Beta Channels and 'Other' Roku Channels... call them what you will, but you can find them all here, published alongside all the other UK Roku-related goodness on offer, via the pages of this very blog.

The aim is to provide details that are always relevant to UK Roku users, with the assurance that any Roku channel codes that are published here will always have been tested first on a UK Roku player. In this way, you know for certain that they will work on Roku streaming media players, here in the UK (at the time of publication) and that the code(s) used resulted in an 'Add Channel' screen (as shown above) when entered via a Roku Account online.

If nothing else, this latest addition to my Roku private channel database has indeed proven to me that... sometimes, all you have to do is ask. My thanks again to the kind folks at for making it happen for UK Roku users. Now, if only other channel developers would follow suit...

Then again, maybe all we have to do is ask ??!!!

So, with that in mind, if there's any particular channels that you'd like to see made available to UK Roku users, please leave your suggestions in the comments and/or do as I did and contact the developer yourself to ask them. Just be sure to share the knowledge here, if you are successful !!

Anyway, that's about it for this post. Be sure to visit this blog again soon if you want details of more Roku Private Channels UK users can add to their Roku players. Not forgetting, of course, the scoop on the very latest additions to the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store, which you will now find in our new 'Weekly RoundUp' feature (to be published every Saturday). Meanwhile, for those of you who are really into your Roku player(s), and don't want to miss a beat when it comes to Roku UK news and updates, I suggest you also follow the associated Twitter Feed for this blog: @ukrokuchannels

Stay tuned for more.

Until the next time...

That's all folks !!


  1. Excellent review of our mkvXstream channel, we appreciate your help getting the technical difficulties sorted out.

  2. Cheers, Benjamin !! Much appreciated. Like I said in the review, though, the real thanks should go to you guys for responding so quickly (in the first place) and then for working so diligently to resolve the issues (no matter how minor) so that UK Roku users could (at last) get to view your channel. So, on behalf of ALL the Roku users in the UK who can now watch the mkvXstream channel... THANK YOU !!