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UK Roku Private Channel - H*E*R*O* USA

Here's another private channel that I came across this weekend...

Before I give you the lowdown on it, though, I'd first like to extend a warm welcome to new readers of this blog from Mexico, Qatar, Iraq, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea & Guatemala... all of whom have visited these pages over the course of the last week or so.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by !!

Another fact that was born out this past week, supported by the search terms which brought a lot of people here, is that there is a BIG DEMAND for more information about UK private Roku channels (i.e. those channels which are not available in the Roku channel store). Rest assured that these Roku private channels will be featured on this blog, as readers of my previous post for UK Roku Private Channel - Resources For The Future can already attest. Those same readers will also know that I intend to publish an A-Z BIG LIST for ALL of the Roku private channels available in the UK. For now, that remains very much a work in progress... so you'll have to make do with the odd post here & there to augment your Roku private channels list(s) until the A-Z list is ready for publication.

Anyway, without further ado, here's another one that can be added to your Roku private channel list(s), as well as your UK Roku players, right here and right now... as per the title of this post, the channel is called H*E*R*O* USA and, once you've entered the correct access code for this hidden channel (which I'll reveal later in this post) you will be greeted with the following on-screen message:-

It goes without saying that I opted for "Yes, Add Channel" rather than the "Cancel" button because, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to tell you much about this NEW private channel from the developers of Octave Television. Basically, their description for the channel reads, "H*E*R*O* is Military Grade Media's Public Network of Active Duty Broadcasters, deploying hand-picked histories of Uncensored War and POV 'BattleCams' to a Worldwide Audience of Millions". Hopefully, that should already give you a pretty good idea as to whether this Roku private channel is going to be of interest to you. If not, then keep checking back for more private channel details in the future. If so, then read on...

After the title screen, the channel loads via a pretty impressive CGI clip which ends with a map of the world and the H*E*R*O* MENU of 'WarZone' countries, listed in alphabetical order down the left-hand side of the screen. There are 34 territories listed, from Afghanistan to Vietnam, with the full list of options running as follows:-


The whole list is put together with a military grade graphic, that features a CGI image of an automatic weapon as the "cursor" (i.e. index pointer) icon and a confirmation "target" icon showing where on the map the 'BattleCam' will be deployed, based on your chosen country from the list.

To navigate the content of the H*E*R*O* MENU, use the UP / DOWN arrows on your Roku remote to choose which 'WarZone' to deploy your 'BattleCam' to, followed by the 'OK' button on your Roku remote to access the footage from the 'BattleCam' for your chosen 'WarZone'. You can return to the main index of countries on the H*E*R*O* MENU at any time, simply by pressing the 'Back' button (i.e. the 'Arrow' button) next to the 'Home' button at the top of your Roku remote.

You will find that the content featured for each country varies greatly in both quality & length but, overall, there is some interesting stuff for those of you who bother to spend some time deploying your 'BattleCam's around the globe. There are some good historical artifacts, too, including some footage from WWII era Britain if you choose to deploy to England. Fans of the Discovery History channel (Sky 522, Virgin 222) should feel right at home with those particular clips.

Then, if that's not enough to satisfy you, there's the ADDED BONUS of H*E*R*O* ON DEMAND, which you can access if you continue to press the down arrow after you reach 'Vietnam' at the bottom of the H*E*R*O* MENU index of countries. When you do, a message will appear on the right-hand side of the screen which says, "H*E*R*O* ON DEMAND... password req'd". Click the 'OK' button on your Roku remote and you will see the headline "Warning: Restricted Area" (in yellow type) with the following message below it:-

Due to it's graphic nature, H*E*R*O* On Demand is password-protected and intended for mature audiences only. To unlock the On-Demand area, adults (i.e. those aged 18+) may obtain a password online at Enter password once for unlimited access to this section. H*E*R*O* and it's affiliates do not, will not, nor will ever charge or receive a user fee or ask for personal information. We believe the price has already been paid in full. Pay It Forward! Honor, Respect, Thank and Pray for the Men and Women of our Armed Forces both at Home and Abroad.

You will need to go online to obtain your password from the web address quoted above, before you again click the 'OK' button on your Roku remote to confirm that it is "OK to Deploy". You will then be presented with a 'keyboard' and 'data entry' screen where you must type in the 'password' (obtained from, before choosing to 'deploy' once more by first selecting the 'deploy' option and then clicking the 'OK' button on your Roku remote to take you to the On-Demand area.

N.B. If you decide not to continue to the On-Demand area at this stage, then you should instead select the 'wash out' option and click the 'OK' button on your Roku remote to return to the main index of countries on the H*E*R*O* MENU, where you can select another 'BattleCam' zone from the list.

Anyway, if the above description has left you wanting more and you'd like to add this FREE private channel to your Roku player, then you can do so (via your online Roku Account) by clicking on the following direct link:-


Or, if you prefer, by first accessing your Roku Account online (without using the 'ADD CHANNEL' link, above) and, from there, using the 'Add A Private Channel' option to then enter the access code manually, yourself. That being the case, the code you will need to type in is:-

CODE: herousa

If you'd like to know more about the developers of this channel, you can visit their Official website:

DEVELOPER'S WEBSITE: Octave Television

Alternatively, you can keep up with all their latest exploits and details of any new channels, etc. by checking out their Official Twitter Feed. You can follow them at:


Finally, if Facebook is more your thing, they can also be found at:


If you do decide to get social with them, please be sure to let them know you heard about them here.

Let me just finish by saying that, if this particular channel was not your cup of tea (so-to-speak), then be sure to visit this blog again in future because there will be plenty more access codes and details for other Roku Private Channels, Hidden Channels, Beta Channels... call them what you will, published right here among all the other UK Roku-related goodness on offer.

For your information, the Roku private channel codes that are published here will always have been tested on a UK Roku player so you know for certain that they will work with Roku streaming media players in the UK (at the time of publication, anyway) and that the code(s) used have resulted in an 'Add Channel' screen (as shown above) when entered via a Roku Account online. Hopefully, this will spare you the endless stream of "We're sorry. This channel is not available in your area" messages that I must endure while testing access codes for compatibility with UK Roku players as I research channels for the purpose of making posts on this blog.

What's that?

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Still, that's about it for this post. Be sure to pay us another visit soon, if you want to find out more about exactly which Roku Private Channels UK users can add to their Roku players PLUS get to hear about the very latest additions to the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store. If you are really into Roku, and don't want to miss a beat when it comes to UK Roku news and updates, then you really ought to follow the associated Twitter feed for this blog as well, which you will find @ukrokuchannels

Stay tuned for more.

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