Monday, January 28, 2013

UK Roku Official Channels - Film & TV Genre

Welcome back, folks !!

**************** IMPORTANT NOTICE ****************

Following a major expansion in the selection of available channel store genres (i.e. categories) on UK Roku devices, to bring them in-line with those in the "Official" Roku USA Channel Store, this "Film & TV" category has been replaced by an "Movies & TV" category, FOUND HERE, and (consequently) there will be no more updates to this blog post from the end of May 2015 onwards.



From an historic reference-point, however, I shall be leaving this general overview (i.e. listing) of the two hundred & sixty-two channels which made up the "Film & TV" genre in the "Official" UK Roku Channel Store just prior to the shake-up of channel store categories in late May / early June of 2015:-

001. Netflix
002. BBC iPlayer
003. NOW TV (Powered by Sky)
004. SnagFilms
005. ROK Cinema
006. Flixster
007. Popcornflix
008. Midnight Pulp
009. Vanguard Cinema
010. Moonlight Movies
011. Pop Flix Classic Movies
012. Classic Romance
013. Xtreme Films
014. Pub-D-Hub
015. Cafe Noir
016. Pop Flix Classic TV
017. Crunchyroll
018. American Pop
019. Big Media TV
020. World Worth Watching
021. Asian Crush
022. IndieFlix
023. Cinematio
024. Hellenic CYTA
025. Looking Glass
026. Movie Vault
027. Old Time Radio Network
028. VIZZ Classic
029. House of Horrors
030. C.O.D.E. TV
031. Classic Westerns
032. HonduTV
033. Superman Classics
034. Asian Crush Plus
035. The Patrick Phillips Show
036. Jonathan Bird's Blue World
037. Paranormal Reality TV
038. Focus Reality TV
039. Vanguard Cinema PLUS
040. TV3 3Player
041. The Ocean Network
042. Threshold Plus
043. Honor
044. BYUtv
045. The Man Channel
046. GoDigital
047. Afrotainment HD
048. FlickStream TV
049. FYDO
050. Cartoon Club
051. ROK Hard Kung Fu
052. Indie Crush
053. Nollywood Cinema
054. Family TV
055. Paranormal Reality.TV - HD Zone
056. Paranormal Reality.TV - Free Zone
057. Pilot TV
058. TMZ
059. UrbanPix
060. Cult Radio A-Go-Go! - CRAGG
061. Viewster
062. Demand 5
063. Toon Goggles
064. Digital Tele Networks
065. NFB Films - National Film Board of Canada
066. VODWiz
067. ZomBee
068. Cloud Movies
069. Premiere (Movie Channel)
070. Always Summer TV
071. ROK Toons
072. Saddle Up! Westerns
073. Moving Art
074. The Director's Chair
075. Cartoon Keepsakes
076. Oh, The Horror!
077. BigStar
078. The Roth Show
079. Creepster.TV
080. The BW
081. ScreenMagicTV
082. Retro Family Christmas Theater
083. Cinema Terror Radio!
084. Dieselpunk Industries TV
085. Horror Flicks
086. DOCU
087. Classic Cartoons
088. Christmas At The Drive-In
089. Science Fiction
090. Outlaw Westerns
091. Classic Christmas TV
092. All 4 [formerly 4oD]
093. Full Moon
094. Sky Store
095. Go Indie TV Freeview
096. SlingPlayer for Roku
097. 99 Cent Movie Channel
098. Black Belt TV
099. Cowboy Classics
100. Drive-In Classics
101. Kung-Fu Theater
102. GaiamTV
103. Timeless Television
104. Six Gun Cinema
105. Warren Miller
106. Toontime TV
107. Movie & Music Network
108. Rede iTV
109. Retro Tech Time Machine
110. Cryptic Television
111. Public Domain Movies And Series
112. MiCasa Network
113. Spud's Funny Channel
114. Media Browser
115. SnagXtreme
116. Toontime 2
117. Military Chronicle
118. Stop It Or You'll Go Blind!
119. John At The Movies
120. Eurochannel
121. Kartoons
122. Kung Fu Classics
123. Bizarre TV
124. OVGuide
125. The Weirdness Really Bad Movie
126. Labrecque Art And Film
127. Depressing Prospects Films
128. cdsavoia
129. Classic Live Action Kids TV
130. Space
131. Space TV
132. iFlixTV Lite
133. iFlixTV Pro
134. Spud's Crime And Punishment
135. Clutch Cargo
136. Badass TV
137. Unlock TV
138. Recon
139. My Gun TV
140. Spud's Cliffhanger Collection
141. JumpingJack
142. FunnyForFree
143. Logan's World TV
144. The Movie Trailer Channel
145. Movee4U Free
146. ITV Player
147. Chill-Out TV
148. Maddy GTV Free
149. Timeless TV Westerns
150. Paranormal Activity Channel
151. Lakay HD Network
152. MTD Studio Classics
153. The Cult Movie Network
154. Sci-Fi Classic TV Shows
155. Ad-Free Timeless Television
156. Comedy Classics Station
157. Kung Fu Flix
158. More Classic Kids TV
159. Muevi
160. Grindhouse Channel
161. WURA
163. Ad-Free Crime and Punishment
164. American Dreaming
165. Classic Horror Movies
166. Olive Tree TV [formerly Olive Tree Pictures]
167. Kiddovid
168. AfroMediaTV
169. Spud's Trailer Trash
170. Digital Drive-In
171. Backlight
172. Toontime HD
173. The Starlost
174. Emby [formerly Media Browser for Roku]
175. The Screening Room
176. Red Eye
177. Super Hero 101
178. Cape Television
179. World War Channel
180. He TV
181. Spud's Cowboy Movies
182. Vintage Halloween Spooktacular
183. This Is Daniel Cook
184. Let's All Go To The Lobby!
185. Toontime HD - Ad Free
186. Spud's Ad-Free Cowboy Movies
187. Ad-Free Toontime Premium
188. CultMovies TV Trailers
189. ACFF On Demand - American Conservation Film Festival
190. Google Play Movies & TV
191. American Dreaming (Premium)
192. VeryFunny
193. Retro Halloween Theater
194. The Chaplin Channel
195. Classic Comedy Channel
196. Awesome Sci-Fi
197. Aliens and Cowboys
198. Films and Stars
199. Movies [by Fawesome.TV]
200. Zoomin.TV Movies
201. IAMflix
202. American Cowboy Classics
203. JibberJabber Animation Studios
204. Horror-SciFi-Fantasy
205. Toontime Christmas Ad Free
206. PhillyCAM
207. Sainsburys Entertainment
208. AWE
209. Princeton TV
210. Time Life
211. Art Of Seduction
212. Toontime Christmas
213. Adventure Awaits
214. Extreme Sports
215. Film Festival Favorites
216. Family Christmas Cinema
217. Real Marines
219. VHX
220. SundanceNow Doc Club
221. Crime and Drama
222. AMGTV
223. KMVT
224. British Movie And TV
225. MoovieTyme
226. Movie Trailers by Zype
227. Spies, P.I.s & Bounty Hunters
228. Sherlock Holmes Heaven
229. Robin Hood Heaven
230. Mystery Movie Night
231. War Movie Channel
232. Dramatic Television Night
233. Dramatic Movie Night
234. AfroMovies TV
235. ANTV - African Network TV
236. Movie Club
237. Silent Night
238. Blood Moon
239. Timeless Toons
240. Miss Misery's Movie Massacre
241. Spud's Chop Socky
242. Fifties TV
243. Safe TV
244. Super Star Movie Channel
245. Cowboy Star Movie Channel
246. Super Starlet Movie Channel
247. Almost Famous Film Festival
248. Cult TV A-Go-Go! - CTAGG
249. Red Bull TV
250. CinemaNow
251. The Movie Loft
252. Classic Reel
254. Musical Movie Memories
255. The Movie Channel
256. NollyLand - African Movies
257. FBN Live TV
258. Classic Live TV
259. Stream Now TV
260. Fizzy
261. American Cartoon Classics
262. Universal Newsreel Ad Free


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 24th May 2015 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 23rd May 2015. As mentioned in the "IMPORTANT NOTICE", at the start of this post, this "Film & TV" listing will no longer be maintained  from this point on and you should (instead) refer to the new "Movies & TV" listing, FOUND HERE, for an up-to-date summary of Roku channels in the "Film" and "TV" genre(s).



  1. Hi there, thanks for the info The people from Roku recommended you, I was looking for the Zom-Bee channel and if it was received in the UK , as theres a great show Cinema Insomnia which is now on there
    many thanks and looks like I'm getting a Roku!


    1. Hi, Bunny !!

      Thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment.

      It's much appreciated.

      With ninety Roku channels (currently) listed in the "Film & TV" genre (i.e. category) I'm not surprised you missed it but IT IS THERE and you'll find it at No.75 in the list (as of the date of this reply).

      Since you asked specifically about the "Cinema Insomnia" show, I can confirm that IT, TOO, IS THERE and you will be able to watch it on a Roku player in the UK so, if you haven't already done so, go ahead & buy one !!!

      If you're into your horror, then keep checking this blog (every day) throughout October, as I'm doing a month-long blogathon as part of the Countdown To Hallowe'en this year. There'll be all sorts of Hallowe'en / Horror-related Roku stuff getting posted, so you may well discover a few more channels that you will want to add to your Roku player.

      Anyway, enjoy the Zom-Bee channel and let me know if you have any other Roku-related questions at any time...

      We're here to help !!

  2. why isn't frightpix available in the uk


    1. Hi, Marty !!

      That's a VERY GOOD QUESTION.... and one which I have asked of both FrightPix (themselves) as well as the company which developed their Roku channel, Float Left Interactive.

      The developer's stance, perhaps unsurprisingly, is that (ultimately) it is their client(s) who decide which regions in which to make their channel available. So, if you were to ask Float Left Interactive today, they would most likely refer you to FrightPix.

      From what I understand, FrightPix would like to make their channel available to a UK audience but that there are one or two hurdles which need to be overcome before that can happen. I believe, in part, this may be due to their licensing films purely for the North American market. The additional expense of adding content for other regions may be beyond them at this time, although I have had no official word on this.

      My advice to you, and to any other UK Roku owners that would like to see the FrightPix channel added to UK Roku players, is for you to make contact with the channel directly and request it.

      You can try leaving a message on their Facebook Page, which you will find at "" or else via their Twitter Feed: @FrightPIX which can be accessed via "" as well as getting in touch with Screen Media Ventures LLC, owners of Popcornflix, who are also behind the FrightPix channel for Roku.

      I'm afraid I can't offer you anything more concrete than that but, if more people start dropping hints to them about adding their channel in the UK, it's more likely to happen. If it's just me asking every month or so, they'll soon grow tired of it, so the more people who get involved, the better. Let's see if we can get FrightPix added to UK Roku player before next Hallowe'en, even if we can't manage it in time for this one !!

      Anyway, thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment.

      It's much appreciated.

      I hope this information has been of some use to you.

  3. Hi

    Firstly thankyou for the list, I mistakenly relied on the one on the Roku site, before I made my purchase of Roku 3. For some reason, if you access the site from the UK portal, it still accesses details from the American website, if you use the site map.

    Anyway, I wondering if you know if there is any channels/apps on Roku that allow you to access personal ultraviolet library?


  4. Hi, Ash !!

    Thanks for taking the time & trouble to leave a comment & for your kind words.

    It's much appreciated.

    The only UltraViolet (UV) compatible channels on Roku that I'm aware of are VUDU and M-Go, neither of which are available on UK Roku players at this point in time. If you look in the Roku Forums (see my Roku Link List - above, right) you'll see that Roku owners in USA have used both of these with varying levels of success but, until those channels become available for UK Roku owners we'll have to wait & see.

    Meanwhile, I will endeavour to find out from Roku if there are any suitable alternatives available to UK Roku owners right now and, whatever the outcome, I'll leave another comment here for you & others to make use of.

    Sorry I can't offer you anything more concrete at this stage but, hopefully, this situation will be addressed in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy your Roku 3 and let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

    Thanks for reading the blog!

  5. hi i am in ireland ,not able to watch movies in popcornflix,it just shows some messages .but i tried it in my pc it works.any solution?


    1. Hi, Roney !!

      Thanks for taking the time & trouble to leave a comment.

      It's much appreciated.

      Due to the fact that Ireland has it's own unique version of the Roku Channel Store, I cannot say whether you should expect to see the 'Popcornflix' channel on your Roku player or not. Being in the UK, I can only confirm that the 'Popcornflix' channel DOES FEATURE in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store, and so CAN BE ADDED to Roku players in the UK. Having tested the channel on my own Roku player(s) I CAN ALSO CONFIRM that there are (currently) NO ISSUES in terms of playback ON UK ROKU PLAYERS but that's as far as it goes. Unless you know of someone else in Ireland with a Roku player who can confirm whether or not you should be able to watch the 'Popcornflix' channel, there's really only one thing you can do...

      ... as with all issues pertaining to individual channels on the Roku streaming media player, my advice (in the first instance) would be to make contact with the channel developer and/or content provider (sometimes they are one and the same) and explain the problem(s) you are experiencing. What I can say for certain is that, in the case of the 'Popcornflix' channel on Roku players, the developer was Float Left Interactive (who can be contacted via their Twitter Feed: @FL_Interactive) and that the content provider is Popcornflix (themselves). If you don't get any joy from Float Left Interactive, you could try reaching out to Popcornflix via their Twitter Feed: @Popcornflixnews to see if they can provide you with an answer to your problem(s).

      If you don't have a Twitter Account of your own by which to make contact, and would rather not set one up to do so, you will find CONTACT INFO for the developer (Float Left Interactive) on their website which can be found at:-

      Similarly, if you need to get in touch with 'Popcornflix' via some means other than Twitter, you will find a 'Contact Us' link in the drop-down 'Menu' found in the top left corner of the Popcornflix website which can be found at:-

      Anyway, hopefully, at least one of those points of contact will prove useful to you in getting some definite answers and ultimately finding a solution to the issue(s) you are experiencing. That said, I am curious to know what kind of "messages" you were receiving via the 'Popcornflix' channel... as in, was it simply stuck on the "Retrieving..." screen or, was there a specific "Error" message (perhaps with a unique code) being displayed? So, if you get a chance, perhaps you could leave another message on this blog post with some details, as well as a solution (when you have one), for the particular symptoms experienced with the 'Popcornflix' channel on your Roku player.

      Many thanks... and GOOD LUCK with it all !!

      I hope you manage to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

    2. I face the same issue, and I'm in Southampton so it's not an Irish thing. Only Crackle and Popcornflix fail, the former won't play the ads (and so quits after the first 10 mins) and the latter won't play the films (but will play the initial ads). My internet connection has no firewall and works very well (I know my stuff) and is 120meg. I have great WiFi reception. It is a shame that three of the best services (no 4od either) are broken on the Roku One. Makes me wish I hadn't bought this version.

    3. Hi,
      I have been looking into getting a Roku LT device, mostly to enable me to watch UK catch-up on my tv, rather than on a small laptop. However, there is also one other channel I'd really like, as its not available on freeview..... and its the Sy-Fy chanel.

      Despite doing lots of research online, I don't seem to be able to get a definitive answer as to whether its available to UK Roku users, though it certainly seems available to USA customers.

      In your 'film + tv' channel listing, at number 99, you have listed science fiction. Is this the Sy-Fy channel I want, or another sci-fi type channel entirely?

      Jo :o)


    4. Hi, Jo !!

      Thanks for taking the time & trouble to leave a comment. It's much appreciated.

      You are correct in your assumption that the 'Sy-Fy' channel IS AVAILABLE on Roku players, BUT... ONLY IN THE USA at this present time. In so far as I am aware, there are no plans to add the 'Sy-Fy' channel to the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store, although... that could easily change at any given moment. You are certainly not the first person from the UK to have expressed an interest in that particular channel and I'm sure you won't be the last. Nothing has been mentioned but, if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say the most likely place for the 'Sy-Fy' channel to appear on Roku in the UK would be via the 'Entertainment Month Pass' on the 'NowTV' channel as requests have already been made by subscribers to that effect.

      FYI... the 'Science Fiction' channel that you referred to is a completely different channel to the 'Sy-Fy' channel and entirely unrelated. It was developed by 'Share Media LLC' and features an assortment of "classic" science fiction movies (in both SD & HD) including titles such as "They Came From Beyond Space", "Spider Baby", "Sintel", "The Killer Shrews", "Tears Of Steel", "Attack From Space", "The Giant Leeches" & many more. You can get a pretty good idea from the screenshots in the channel description from the Roku website which can be found here:-!details/33980/science-fiction

      To illustrate the difference(s), the channel description from the Roku website for the 'Sy-Fy' channel is available via this link:-!details/15842/syfy

      As you will see, the 'Sy-Fy' channel (itself) was developed by the people at 'SyFy' (themselves) and offers exclusive access to digital series, webisodes, clips, behind-the-scenes videos & more (all in HD).

      May I suggest you contact both 'Syfy' (Twitter Feed: @Syfy) and 'SyfyUK' (Twitter Feed: @SyfyUK) to request that one or both channels are added to UK Roku players, as this will add weight to the growing number of people who want to see the channel(s) added here, in one form or another. Should you not have an account on Twitter, then you can try one of the following:-

      'SyFy' USA (Facebook) -

      'SyFy' USA (Feedback Page) -


      'SyFyUK' (Facebook) -

      'SyFyUK' (Contact Page) -

      Hopefully, if enough voices are heard, action will be taken !!

      Meanwhile, I'd go ahead and purchase a Roku player to enable you to watch UK CatchUpTV on the big screen and put your laptop to better use elsewhere. If you are keen to have the '40D' channel, as part of those "catch-up" services, be sure to go for a 'Roku LT', 'Roku 2 XS' or 'Roku 3' model because the newer 'Roku 1' and 'Roku 2' players do not (currently) support the addition of '40D' (although, they will do in future). You will also find 'BBC iPlayer' and 'Demand 5' on UK Roku players, with 'ITV Player' likely to follow later in the year when it's added to NowTV boxes (although, this has yet to be officially confirmed).

      So, whilst it may not provide you with the "definitive" answer(s) you were looking for, hopefully this has helped to clarify certain matters for you?!!

      Thanks for reading.

    5. Hi,
      Thanks so much for your reply, it has helped a lot. I had only managed to find a multitude of conflicting info through my own research on the net. Its a real shame that the SyFy channel is not currently available to UK customers, and having access to it would be a huge plus for me. I think I will definitely purchase a Roku LT device though for the catch-up services, and will keep my eyes peeled for an offer to make the purchase a little cheaper.

      I do have a twitter account, so I will do what you suggested and send them a message asking if SyFy can at some point be made available here.

      There is one last issue that worries me though, which you may be able to help me with. Roku's website says you need a high speed wireless broadband connection. I wasn't sure my service would be classed as high speed, so I rang my provider (Orange/EE) to verify I have what is needed. They told me I only have standard broadband, and that a Roku device would require fibre broadband, which of course they would want to charge me extra for. I then spoke to Roku to ask if this is correct, and they said what is required is a minimum speed, irrespective of this being standard or fibre broadband.

      I have consequently done various speed tests, and I get varying results, but all come within the parameters that Roku say I need. Are you aware if having a fibre optic broadband connection is a requirement for the Roku service to work?


    6. Hi, Jo !!

      If ££ is an issue, and you're mainly after the UK CatchUpTV services, you might also consider purchasing a NowTV Box which you can get for £9.99 (incl. P&P) and (currently) gives you access to BBC iPlayer, 4oD and Demand 5, with ITV Player on the horizon for (hopefully) sometime later this year. The NowTV Box is (essentially) a rebranded Roku LT but with a modified user interface that restricts the content of the Roku Channel Store. Basically you are given a choice of around FIFTY Roku CHANNELS (as determined by NowTV) on the NowTV Box, COMPARED WITH a choice of EIGHT HUNDRED CHANNELS on UK Roku players. Judging by the rate at which channels are added on UK Roku players, compared with the NowTV Box, this gap will only get wider over time. However, if that range of choice is not important to you, I'd certainly consider the NowTV Box as an alternative to a Roku LT for the purposes of watching UK CatchUpTV services alone. You can view your options for purchasing a NowTV Box via this link:-

      As to the question of your internet connection, I'd say Roku's evaluation of minimum speed being of more importance than having standard or fibre broadband is more accurate. Whether your provider (Orange/EE) misunderstood your question or were just plain guilty of trying to up-sell you on a fibre broadband package is anyone's guess but, either way, I can assure you that FIBRE BROADBAND IS NOT NECESSARY when using a Roku player or a NowTV Box, for that matter. A more important consideration is for any data usage limits that may apply to your service, because streaming video uses a lot of data and, to avoid excess charges, I'd recommend you get an UNLIMITED DATA package if you plan on doing a lot of streaming for CatchUpTV. Generally speaking, you can make do with minimum speeds of around 1.5-2.5 Mbps for streaming most SD content via a Roku player (or NowTV Box) increasing to around 5-6 Mbps for HD content (to ensure smooth streaming with little or no buffering). So, depending on your exact line speed, you're probably going to be okay with your existing (standard) service BUT you may want to look into the data restrictions and opt for an unlimited service if you don't already have one.

      Of course, sometimes there will be problems with the individual servers of the content providers for any Roku channel you may be watching that fall outside of any limitations of your broadband service or the streaming media player (i.e. Roku or NowTV Box) that you are using which could cause issues with buffering, etc. but that is unavoidable (and, thankfully, also fairly infrequent in most cases) so you shouldn't worry too much.

      If there's anything else you need help with, just send me a message via my Twitter Feed: @ukrokuchannels and I'll do my best to help you out.

      Thanks again for reading.

    7. Thank you again for your reply, the information you have provided has been extremely helpful.

      I hadn't even thought about data usage to be honest, and as by broadband is provided as a free service alongside my mobile and landline package, I guessed that this would be a problem for me. However I have just checked out what my terms are, and it appears I do indeed already have unlimited data usage, which is great news.

      I had considered the NowTV box also, but the Roku service seems much better overall, and although things will no doubt change with both in future, if Roku is better now, its likely they will remain the better option. At the moment I would mostly just be using the catch-up facility, but my viewing habits could also change, so think Roku could be better in the long run.

      A few Roku reviews on Amazon said the prices are constantly going up and down, and I have already seen the LT drop in price by £5 in the two days since I added it to my wishlist. So I will be ready to pounce if a great deal appears :o)

      I have followed you on Twitter, so will send you a message on there if I need anymore help.

      many thanks again

  6. hi there great site lots of info
    just wondering if you could tell me if 4od is availible on the roku box and does it make any difference to what channels you get on the 1.2or 3

    1. Hi, Stephen !!

      Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time & trouble to leave a comment. It's much appreciated.

      Apologies for the (somewhat) delayed response - it's been one of those weeks! For future reference, if you require a more immediate answer may I suggest you make contact via the companion Twitter Feed: @ukrokuchannels which you will find at the following URL:-

      To answer your question... the '4oD' channel for Roku IS AVAILABLE on the Roku box (as it is on NowTV boxes) BUT ONLY ON CERTAIN MODELS so you will (currently) find it is NOT AVAILABLE ON 'Roku 1' OR 'Roku 2' players.

      So, if the '4oD' channel is a deciding factor as to which Roku model you opt for, ONLY 'Roku LT', 'Roku 2 XS' AND 'Roku 3' PLAYERS have access to it PLUS THE NEW 'Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version)' and, therefore, YOU SHOULD AVOID 'Roku 1' AND 'Roku 2' MODELS since neither one of those allows you to watch '4oD' at this time !!

      Having said that, Roku have made assurances that '4oD' will be added to additional UK Roku models in the future BUT there is no fixed date by which this is set to happen. Should you prefer to get the 'Roku 1' or 'Roku 2' player and wait for '4oD' to be added, that's your call. However, if you wish to be able to watch '4oD' via Roku straight away, then (of the models you mentioned) the 'Roku 3' would be the one to go for.

      Hopefully that has answered your question. If you need further information then please don't hesitate to get in touch again.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. Hi want to Ask if the Filipino channel is in uk channel listing? Why nuod tao channel is to on the Listing
    It's anymore


    1. Hi, Rommel!

      Thanks for your question and for taking the time and trouble to leave your comment(s). It's good to hear from you.

      I'm not sure why you thought that the 'Nuod Tayo' channel had been removed from the Roku UK Channel Store listings because IT IS A PRIVATE CHANNEL and, in case you were not aware, MY LISTINGS ARE FOR PUBLIC CHANNELS (i.e. those which can be found in one of the approved Roku UK Channel Store categories found within the 'Channel Store' menu on all UK Roku players).

      From time to time, I do post a special feature on a 'Private Channel' I have come across (i.e. one which DOES NOT FEATURE in the Roku UK Channel Store) and will publish details of the ACCESS CODE which is required to add the channel to your UK Roku player using the "Add a Private Channel' option in your Roku Account online.

      However, I have yet to publish a post or provide details of the 'Nuod Tayo' PRIVATE CHANNEL for Roku, so I'm not sure why (or from where) you think it's gone missing?

      If it helps, the 'Nuod Tayo' channel can be added to your Roku Account (in the manner described) by entering ACCESS CODE: K49NL in the required field when prompted.

      Hopefully this has answered your question and will allow you & others to add the 'Nuod Tayo' (Filipino) channel to your Roku player(s). If there's anything else I can help you with, please feel free to leave another comment.

      Thanks for reading!

  8. Hi, I notice from your above list that you state the flixster app is on the UK store, Can i stream movies from my flixtser account through this app or is it simply an app which allows you to view trailers as so many other devices seem to limit it oddly

    1. Hi, Mark !!

      Thanks for taking the time & trouble to leave a comment.

      It's much appreciated.

      To answer your question, the 'Flixster' channel (or, 'app', if you prefer) for Roku WAS, as on many other devices, originally intended for viewing high-definition movie trailers from the latest blockbuster movies or your favourite classics via your Roku player(s)...

      However, since an update to the 'Flixster' channel for Roku (in mid-January) you are NOW able link your Roku player(s) to your Flixster Account & watch your movies (such as those from your Ultra-Violet collection, provided that it's linked to your Flixster Account).

      When you first open the Flixster channel on Roku, you will be prompted to activate the device. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process. This requires navigating to the following URL via your chosen web browser:-

      ...and then entering the code which was displayed when you first launched the 'Flixster' channel on your Roku player. After that, you will be prompted to sign-in to your Flixster Account (or register, if you don't yet have one) and then the 'Flixtser' screen on your Roku should automatically update and display a message to confirm that your Roku player has been linked to your Flixster Account.

      Once you've activated the channel, your movie collection will be available on the main screen. Should you not get the confirmation message via your Roku (say, within a minute or two) then try pressing the 'Home' button on your Roku remote and then launching the 'Flixster' channel again. This time around you still may not see the message but, if you scroll down through the menu, you should (hopefully) see an 'Account' sub-menu with the option to 'Logout' from your Flixster account. This happened to me, when attempting to link one of my Roku players, and those were the exact steps I followed to get things up & running. Normally, however, you should see the confirmation message almost immediately upon activation (i.e. linking your Roku player) and that was the case with my other devices - there's always one awkward one and (of course) it happened to be one of mine !!

      Anyway, I trust that has answered your question. If not, or if there's anything else I can help you with, please feel free to leave another comment...

      Meanwhile, if you don't yet have a UK Roku player, you can now go ahead and buy one with the knowledge that YOU CAN INDEED WATCH YOUR MOVIES / ULTRA-VIOLET COLLECTION VIA 'FLIXSTER' ON ROKU !!!!

      Thanks for reading!