Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ssshhhh !!! Don't Tell Anyone...

...but, Roku is now available in the UK.

Yes, really.

So, why is it so damn hard to find out exactly what you can watch on the UK version of this hugely popular (at least in the USA) streaming media player?

It's true that much has been written about the huge number of channels available for Roku users in the USA but, to date, there has been very little information provided to owners, or potential purchasers, of the Roku streaming media player here in the UK.

For that reason, I have decided to start this blog and post as much detail as I can about all of the available Roku channels (both official and private) that the UK has to offer. Hopefully this will prove to be a useful resource for all Roku users, both here in the UK and elsewhere around the world, as knowledge of which channels are, and are not, currently available becomes more widespread.

Please remember, however, that this blog is still very much in it's infancy & it might take a while for me to publish all of the information online. Hang in there, though, and I will show you that there is, indeed, "a ton of entertainment" in these little boxes... even the UK ones !!


  1. Hi, just posting to say thanks for the info. It's been so hard to find a channel list before investing. This is exactly what I've been looking for.

    I wonder if you might put premium channels in a different colour or maybe have a symbol beside them? I'm sure that information would prove invaluable to future readers.

    1. Hi, Furie !!

      Thanks for taking the trouble to post something. Your comments are most welcome.

      There will, of course , be more detailed information as regards which are PREMIUM channels and which are FREE channels as each and every one of the 369 channels I have listed, from the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store, receives it's own CHANNEL SPOTLIGHT on this very blog.

      Meanwhile, I am compiling an A-Z BIG LIST for all of the channels and will certainly add some sort of indication as to whether each of the channels are FREE or PREMIUM to that list.

      Until such time as the BIG LIST is published, I would recommend visiting CatastropheGirl's Roku Channel List where you will find most, if not all, of the UK Roku Channels listed individually as part of the MUCH LARGER channel list (1,025+ channels) for Roku USA.

      You will find a link to CatastropheGirl's Roku Channel List in my Roku Blog Roll, beneath the Blog Archive, on the right hand side of any given page on this blog.

      Once there, you can cross-reference from this blog to search for any of the 369 channels listed here, that you are particularly interested in. Chances are, that you will find a short post on CatastropheGirl's blog which will indicate whether the channel is FREE, paid (one-off cost), subscription (e.g. weekly, monthly, annually), or otherwise. Obviously, her prices will be quoted in US Dollars, although you will be able to find out the UK equivalent here, at a later date.

      It's fairly safe to say, though, that if it's FREE in the USA then it will also be FREE in the UK. Similarly, if it's a paid or subscription channel over there, then it's likely that costs will apply here too.

      If anyone else has any suggestions for things they would like to see included on this blog, or ways in which you feel it might be improved, then please feel free to comment.

      Thanks to everyone, for your interest thus far.