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SPECIAL OFFER: To Celebrate The Launch Of Stream Now TV PRO For Roku - LIMITED TO 100 ONLY !!!!!!

Hi, everyone !!

I'm publishing this special mid-week post, to bring you the news that Stream Now TV is launching a "PRO" service, which will offer Roku users a wider range of independent movies and shows, and has the added benefit that "PRO" users can watch 'Stream Now TV' without commercials & also have access to a growing "PRO-ONLY" CONTENT LIBRARY as well as everything on the free version.

As a SPECIAL OFFER to readers of this blog, we are GIVING AWAY 100 COUPONS so that those of you who get in quick can try "Stream Now TV PRO" at just $6.00 for a whole year. Typically the service costs $12.00 per year but, thanks to this offer from 'Stream Now TV', the first one hundred readers of this blog to USE PROMO CODE: ukrokuchannels will get the opportunity to save money with 50% OFF AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION to "Stream Now TV PRO"... SO, ACT FAST! ;-)

For those of you who may not be familiar with it... there is already a completely free version of the "Stream Now TV" channel and you will find it under "Film & TV" in the "Official" Roku UK Channel Store. It's worth adding this free version, just to get a feel for the content on offer, but do bear in mind that it is ad-supported and (without a "PRO" subscription) does not include access to the extended library of content. Even so, it will give you a good idea and, to make it easier for you, I'm including links to the channel description from the Roku website plus the 'Roku Guide' review here:-

STREAM NOW TV....................COST: FREE + $12.00 (ANNUALLY) [Roku Guide Review]

PLEASE NOTE:- That the $12.00 annual subscription cost is the regular price for one year and not the special offer price of $6.00 available as a limited offer to the first 100 applicants using the code provided in this article. You don't have to take out a paid subscription to add / watch this channel, since there is FREE-TO-VIEW CONTENT AVAILABLE but, for the best commercial-free viewing experience and access to the "PRO-ONLY" content, you will need to subscribe! ;-)

Of course, you can always browse the content available from Stream Now TV - VIA THIS LINK - and those of you who choose to take advantage of the special offer (using the promo code above) can sign-up for your Stream Now TV PRO account - HERE - to begin streaming without commercials.

Now, having been through the process myself, it's not immediately obvious where to apply the promo code to qualify for your discounted subscription. So, to make life easier for you, I'm going to include a series of screenshots to walk you through the registration procedure / membership checkout:-

HINT: Please CLICK on these images TO ENLARGE THEM for easier viewing !!

As per the instructions from the image above, please ignore the pricing information shown (which is the regular full cost of an annual subscription to the 'Stream Now TV PRO' service) and simply click where it says "Select" to advance to the "Membership Checkout" stage, which is where you can enter the promo code to receive your half-price annual subscription. Having clicked the "Select" button, you will be redirected to another page... the top of which looks like this:-

Once you are on the "Membership Checkout" page, of the 'Stream Now TV PRO' website, you will first see the top section, which is headed "Membership Level" (as per the image above) and in the small-print, found right at the bottom of that section, beside where it says "Do you have a discount code?" is another link which has been highlighted in pink text advising you to: "Click here to enter your discount code" and, having done that, a text-entry box will be revealed as shown below:-

The next step is to click in the rectangular box, beside where it says "Discount Code", so that you activate the data-entry field wherein you can then ENTER PROMO CODE: ukrokuchannels before clicking on the pink "APPLY" button TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT as shown:-

Once you have typed-in the promo code and clicked the pink "apply" button, you should then receive a confirmation screen indicating that "The ukrokuchannels code has been applied to your order" and that "The price for membership is $6.00 now and then $12.00 per Year" as per the image below:-

Do remember that THIS IS A RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION meaning, unless you cancel your subscription beforehand, YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW for another year BUT AT AN INCREASED COST OF $12.00 or whatever the applicable rate might be when that time comes around. So, please be sure to READ THE FULL T&C's before you sign-up! ;-)

Anyway, having received confirmation that your discount has been applied to your order, you will still need to complete a few more sections of the "Membership Checkout" process... the first of which is to provide your "Account Information" which is the usual (username, password, email) type of thing, as illustrated by the following screenshot from the 'Stream Now TV PRO' website:-

After that... you'll need to provide your "Payment Information", which is basically just your primary details (card number, expiration date, etc.) and FOR THE RECORD: the company providing this 'Stream Now TV PRO' service will accept either Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover cards as valid methods of payment. It is also worth noting that, provided you entered the promo code (as shown previously), the same code you typed-in to get your discount is repeated in this section:-

The last step is to READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS WITH CARE before you commit to this (or any other paid subscription service) SO YOU'RE FULLY AWARE OF ALL T&C's in advance. Provided you have read and agree to the "Terms of Use", you should click in the box (as shown in the image below) to confirm your agreement and then click the "SUBMIT AND CHECKOUT" button to complete the "Membership Checkout" procedure as per the steps in the screenshot below:-

If you're still unsure, or if you have questions related to the 'Stream Now TV PRO' service - or, indeed, the free 'Stream Now TV' channel (see description / review linked-to above) you can always message the developer via their Twitter Feed: @StreamNowTV or, if you prefer, there is also their "Official" FB page located at:- Stream Now TV (Facebook Page) as well as the more formal means of contact, whereby you can write to 'Stream Now TV' (via email) C/O THIS ADDRESS if need be.

Before I sign-off, I should probably point-out that there is also a FREE iOS APP AVAILABLE for those with Apple mobile devices. It's well worth downloading, as it could come in handy during those times when you are out-and-about, meaning you (perhaps) cannot watch via your Roku device. With this app, provided you have a compatible iPhone, iPad or even an iPod Touch, you will then be able to stream from wherever you are - as long as you still have a connection to the internet (of course):-

FREE DOWNLOAD: Of iOS App for Apple Mobile Devices (n.b. requires iOS 7.0 or later)

PLEASE NOTE:- That the iOS app DOES NOT INCLUDE PRO CONTENT since the expanded library is UNSUPPORTED AT THIS TIME on Apple mobile devices. At this time, PRO CONTENT is ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE AND/OR VIA ROKU DEVICES but you can still get complete access to all free content which is available to non-paying users of 'Stream Now TV' via the app.

Still, whether you own an Apple mobile device or not, it's worth checking out the 'Stream Now TV' service online and/or via the free Roku channel, found under "Film & TV", which can be added to your device in minutes using Roku "Search" on your device. Then, once you've had a chance to see if you like it, you can use the unique promo code (provided above) to watch commercial-free for a whole year... SAVING HALF-OFF THE REGULAR PRICE of an annual subscription for your first year of subscribing to the 'Stream Now TV PRO' service. Plus, even if you leave it too late & happen to miss-out on one of the 100 half-price subscriptions, you can still support indie film for just $1 a month! This allows you to stream indie shows / films ad-free, with access to their expanded content library, all of which can be viewed either online, or via Roku devices. Furthermore, while all of the "PRO-only" video is not yet available via the iOS app, it could well be added at some point in the future (as yet undecided) bringing even greater benefits to PRO-subscribers with Apple iOS devices.

One thing is certain... and that is 'Stream Now TV' have curated some of the best indie shows and films for you to watch... so get yourself a Roku device, if you haven't already, then add this channel and STREAM NOW because offers like this don't come along every day! ;-) :-)

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